Video Interview: Jay Armstrong talks Zombinsanity

You may have seen our recent interview with game developer Jay Armstrong, in which we discussed how he got into making games, the upsides (and downsides) of being a game dev, and what some of his inspirations were. Jay also took time out to give a video interview with us, looking in more detail at his latest game to arrive on Miniclip, Zombinsanity.

Not only did Jay give us his top survival tips for his game (upgrade the pistol ASAP, as your allies will also get to use an upgraded version of the weapon) but he also talked us through some of the design choices faced when making the game, as well as the cute-but-kinda-violent art style and the joys of collaborating with the game artist Jimp. Apparently it was Jimp’s idea to replace one of the level’s health stations with a lovely, purring, but ultimately useless cat. At least, that’s what Jay told us.

We also chatted about Super Indie Pals, a podcast series set up by Jay, Jimp and fellow developer Chris Jeffrey, and why he loves working with Miniclip (“We make his games better”). Love workin’ with you too, Jay.

Watch the full interview below.