Man Or Monster Developer Blog #4: See The Sights

UPDATE: Man or Monster has been unleashed! PLAY NOW!

Man Or Monster has tons of cities that you can protect as the Man or destroy as the Monsters. Our developers have recreated famous cities from around the world in a voxel style, along with their iconic landmarks. Diederik Groesbeek talked to us about the decisions behind the locations in the game.

Minotaurus quietly contemplating destruction

Minotaurus quietly contemplates destruction

“When you think of monster movies, you almost immediately think of King Kong in New York and Godzilla in Tokyo. Los Angeles too maybe, but since we can only do a limited amount of cities we wanted to have a wide range of locations from different continents and countries. That meant that we had to drop LA: New York is just a much more iconic city for a monster attack! Perhaps if we had an extra-terrestrial alien we could have included it.

“We included Rio de Janeiro because of this year’s World Cup… hopefully they don’t get a Monster visiting for real this summer!”

Myself and my fellow Man Or Monster creators are from the Netherlands, so we thought Amsterdam would be cool for all our friends here. And of course, we’ve been working closely with the Miniclip team in London, so that was a no-brainer as well. Brazil had to be in there because of this year’s World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, so we thought Rio just had to be included. Let’s just hope that they don’t get a Monster visiting for real this summer!”

See the Sights

“We made loads of landmarks for Man Or Monster – and I’m pleased to say that every one we made has been included in the final game. It was very time consuming to build each one so we planned out right from the beginning which ones we wanted to go with. Although, we had to redo some because they were too small for the monster to destroy!”

Some of the many landmarks you can protect... or step on.

Some of the many landmarks you can protect… or step on. How many can you name?

“The Statue Of Liberty was one of the first we made and when I first saw it in the game I remember being incredibly excited. When we created buildings like the Coliseum and the Football Stadium in Rio De Janeiro, those were cool as well as you can almost go ‘inside them’. At one point during testing, we placed all landmarks in a single city so we could play around with them. That was pretty awesome!”

City Planning

“We wanted to add some strategy to how the player approaches defending or destroying a city, so we designed the levels to encourage the player to plan their defense against the monster and fully utilize their inventory of units. We usually have the monster approach from the sea – this gives the Man some time to place mines and boats to fight off the Monster before it even reaches the city. We also added some waterways to cities so the Man can make good use of boats there too.”


Place units on buildings, the ground or even on water

“When you’re playing as the Monster, some cities are so well defended by Mammoth and Heavy Tanks (for example Moscow), that you’ll need to make good use of your ranged attacks to destroy them first.

We also wanted to recreate LA (including Hollywood) with more varied landscaped like hills, caves and canyons. But these posed a lot of technical challenges which meant that we couldn’t include it in the game.”

World Building

“People just love to collect stuff, ever since Pac-Man – so we’ve included lots of little things for players to find while they’re playing. Watch out for red parachutes that drop crates with goodies, they sometimes even contain additional units for you to deploy in case you’ve run out!  Every city contains a hidden Man Coin and a Monster Coin to collect. Some of them are located inside buildings and pretty hard to spot. You have to find them all to get all the achievements.”


Miniclip has Monster Attack Insurance

“These little things just bring a city more to life, and they also make it more unique. In each city there are animals, objects, cars or advertisements that are really recognizable for a particular country (for example the blue police box in London). It’s not only more stuff to destroy… although you can blow it up if you want!”

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