Man Or Monster: Out Now!

It’s time. The wait is over. Man Or Monster has been unleashed – play it now!

We’ve followed the development of Man Or Monster from the humble beginnings of the Man to the rampaging, super-destructive Monsters. There are tons of great cities that you can protect or destroy, with cool items to collect and achievements to get. From London to Tokyo, you can use boats, planes and turrets to protect the world if you’re playing as the Man, or power-up and stomp buildings to bits as the Monster.

Look out for all the homages to iconic monster films and old-school videogames that we’ve included!

Day One Award

Oh, and, if you play Man Or Monster on launch day (May 22nd), there’s a special Day One award for you to win. All you need to do is play the game, beat the first level (Amsterdam) playing as either the Man or the Monster, and then hit submit score.

Remember that you need to submit your score immediately after beating the Amsterdam level in order to get the award – not after beating any other level. Good luck out there!

Man or Monster?

So here we are – the game is live and ready for you to play. Only one question remains to be answered… who will you be, Man or Monster? Choose… and join the action!


Still here?

Wait, you haven’t gone to play Man or Monster yet? Okay then – how about watching our final trailer video, or checking out some of the developer blogs that outline the whole process of making Man or Monster, start to finish?

Or – why not add Man or Monster to your own website? Head to our webmasters page to find out how!

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