Calabash Bros: Community SFX winner!

“Let’s go!”

As we were getting ready to release our new tactical tower defense game, Calabash Bros, we realized that we were missing something – a sound effect for the most popular unit in the game, the hardy footsoldier. We asked the Miniclip community – could they come up with a sound effect of their own to give to the game?

We had tons of entries from players all around the world, all wanting to get their sound – and their name – into Calabash Bros. We had some epic battle cries, some rousing music, and some stomping feet SFX. We had military-style commands like “Your orders, sir!”, “Attack them now!” and even “Bash them, my mighty warriors!”


But the winning sound was one that not only sounded good, but also best-fit the criteria that we were looking for in our chosen SFX. As we pointed out, it needed to be a short sound no longer than a couple of seconds – the footsoldier is the most common unit in the game, so the sound will be played a lot of times. It had to be something fun and appropriate for a soldier rocking up to battle, but also something that didn’t sound a little odd on the fiftieth or sixtieth play.

So, our congratulations go out to Rubuen Bilan-Carroll for his SFX, “Let’s go!” It was carefully selected by our games team and community team, after much discussion and deliberation. Thanks, Rubuen, and thanks to everyone who entered! We loved hearing all your creations.

Want to know what the winning entry sounds like? Start up Calabash Bros now and start recruiting some soldiers!

Calabash Bros sound effect by Rubuen Bilan-Carroll!

Calabash Bros sound effect by Rubuen Bilan-Carroll!