How to make an 8 Ball Pool trickshot video

We love trickshots, you love trickshots. We love that you send us loads of videos everyday, that’s why we do the Masterclass. What would be better is if we got even more videos from the rest of you!

We’ve got a few tips for how to create a great video and maybe one day you’ll get one of yours in a Trickshot Masterclass.

1. Recording software – you won’t be recording anything without the right software. Use screen-recording software like Bandicam or Camtasia. Just remember to hit the record button before you make your killer shot!

2. A (patient) friend or secondary account – you’ll need them/it to play against so you can position the balls for your trickshot. If you’re using two accounts, you’ll have to use different web browsers (Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Opera) otherwise you’ll only be logging into the same account.

3. Time – You probably won’t nail your trickshot the first, second or third time so you should be prepared to be retry your trickshots again and again until you get it right.

4. Creativity – not all trickshots are created equal. We’re always impressed when we see a 10-rail trickshot on the 8 Ball but if you could do that while not hitting any of the other balls on the table then we’d be picking up our jaws up from the floor.

Don’t just take it from me. Trickshot extraordinaire and all-round good guy Kilkiju has made a tutorial on how he creates the perfect trickshot video. He’s been in a few Masterclass videos (so he must be good).

Submitting your videos

So now you’ve gone through all of the steps to making your video and taken some tips from a Trickshot Grandmaster, how do you submit your video to us?

1. Upload your videos to YouTube and send the links to us on Facebook or in an email at social at miniclip dot com.

2. Email us at social at miniclip dot com or message us on Facebook on the 8 Ball Pool or Miniclip page and attach your video to the message.

 We can’t wait to see the awesome trickshot videos that you’re all going to create!