New soccer games on Miniclip

Countdown to kick-off!

The World Cup is finally here, so it’s time to pull on our nation’s colors, lace our boots, do a quick warm-up and then lift the lid on the great multiplayer soccer games we’ve got lined up for you over the next few weeks!

Let’s get things started with our new mobile game, Soccer Stars


Soccer Stars, out now!

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Get ready to hit the back of the net with Soccer Stars, our new multiplayer title that hits the App Store and Google Play on the eve of the World Cup! Soccer Stars has addictive physics-based gameplay: 5-a-side football with the simple aim of outscoring your opponent.

It sounds easy enough, but the challenge comes in taking on your friends or players from all over the world in real-time multiplayer battles. Compete in tournaments to win fans and level up – have you got the skills to become a Soccer Stars Legend?

You’ll unlock new tiers to play in – with bigger prizes – and collect the 32 teams that are appearing in Brazil. Get your nation’s flag on your team and take them all the way to the trophy in Brazil!

Soccer Stars is free to play and lands this Wednesday. Don’t forget to follow the official Soccer Stars Facebook page for all the latest news and tips to make you a Soccer Star!

Take on players from all over the globe in World Soccer Forever – climb that leaderboard!

Take on players from all over the globe in World Soccer Forever – climb that leaderboard!

World Soccer Forever (

World Soccer Forever is a brand new multiplayer game, putting your soccer skills to the test across five different game modes. There’s a free kick contest, plus skill modes to show off your abilities at hitting air targets, playing perfect passes, lofting long balls, and the classic cross bar challenge.

But it’s not the game AI that you’ll be taking on… it’s real players from across the globe. Whenever you enter a match, you’ll be paired-up with another player from around the world… and then it’s you vs them, head-to-head, best score wins!

There’s global leaderboards to climb, plus in-game prizes to earn. You can customize your player, your pitch and even the ball you use – and enter special tournaments to win bigger prizes!

World Soccer Forever is out now – get ready to take on the world!

MiniSoccer is six-player fun!

MiniSoccer is six-player fun!


MiniSoccer is the new name for what we were originally calling Super Soccer Stars – and it’s coming soon with fast and frantic three-a-side fun! Yup, that’s right: up to SIX players can be playing a game… simultaneously!

You control one player, and up to five other players can join the action on the same pitch. Are you a team player or are you going to be trying to score wondergoals on your own? It’s all down to how you want to play!

We’ll have some more news on MiniSoccer soon – we’re having crazy amounts of fun playtesting it, by the way – so look out for more news on this blog, and on our official Twitter and Facebook pages.

Get your hands on these all-new awards!

Get your hands on these all-new awards!

And finally

We can’t wait for the World Cup at Miniclip… in between foosball championships, FIFA tournaments, and heated debates about whether Messi is better than Ronaldo (Ronaldo, right?), we’ve also decorated our offices. Looking good, huh?

Finally, we’ve put all our soccer games – new and classic – into one handy category page for you. Don’t miss out!

We’ll have tons more soccer stuff lined up for you during the World Cup… keep an eye on our Facebook page and Twitter for more news!