Miniclip and the World Cup

Miniclip is distinctly World Cup themed at the moment – and, with our offices in Switzerland, Portugal and the UK, we wanted to find out which nation at this year’s World Cup had the best support… and who we think will be lifting the trophy in a few weeks’ time!

Here’s the results of our little staff survey.


Who are we supporting?

It turns out that, of the 32 teams who are battling it out in Brazil, an impressive 11 can count on support back in the Miniclip offices. Among those, we have a scattering of fans of Greece, Japan, Nigeria, Colombia and the USA in our ranks, and at least one Germany fan who will be hoping they can go a couple of steps further than in 2010.

Our four Spain fans are presumably not feeling too great this morning (shame we don’t have any Chile fans in our offices right now), but our die-hard Switzerland fans – split between our Neuchâtel and London offices – are still on a high from that dramatic late win against Ecuador.

We’ve got a couple of Brazil fans who will be feeling pretty good about their team’s chances at the moment… but then we get to the big hitters in terms of support.

It’s an unlikely final face-off between England and Portugal for Miniclip’s support… and it’s close! But in the end, Miniclip’s number 1 supported team at this year’s World Cup, by a score of 22 to 20, is… ENGLAND.


England are Miniclip’s best-supported team at the World Cup, with Portugal in 2nd.

Who will be the champions?

As you’d expect, there wasn’t a huge amount of variety from the Miniclip hive mind as to will win the World Cup this year. Of the outsiders, Mexico, Italy and the Netherlands drew a single vote each – although we fancy rather more might be voting for the Netherlands now after those two awesome performances.

Speaking of hindsight… the second-most fancied team are Spain, the defending champions who were knocked out before we could even finish this blog post! To be fair to the 14 Miniclippers who voted for Spain, most professional pundits had them among the top teams too.

Three other teams attracted multiple votes – the Messi-inspired Argentina, the always-dangerous Germany, and then Portugal, which suggests that that our Lisbon office is definitely the most patriotic.

But the overall favourite? Well, there could be only one, couldn’t there. With home advantage, and players like Neymar and Oscar in their ranks, Miniclip has voted BRAZIL as the most likely winners of the 2014 World Cup!

Our Portugal office is the most patriotic.

Our Portugal office is the most patriotic.

And finally

You may have noticed one name missing from the “who will be champions?” list. Yup, despite having an office in London, and 22 people supporting them, not one single person thinks England will win the World Cup, making our Three Lions fans officially the most pessimistic / realistic in the entire world.

Who do YOU think is going to win the World Cup? And good luck to all the teams out in Brazil!

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