8 Ball Pool Community Update, June 2014

Greetings, 8 Ballers! Let’s take a look at what’s new in the world of 8 Ball Pool this month. We’ve got a few new things to tell you about, plus some of our favorite content created by YOU, the players!

Choose your language

Choose your language from the Settings menu.

Choose your language from the Settings menu.

We just launched language options in 8 Ball Pool on web – head to the Settings menu and choose your language! The game is now available in English, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and Turkish.

We hope to add more languages to 8 Ball Pool in the future – if there’s one you think should be in there, let us know in the comments!

Challenge settings

Are you the kind of 8 Baller who just wants to play their friends? We’ve added the option to ignore challenge requests from people who aren’t on your friends list, giving you much greater control over who you play against. It’s set to “Accept challenges from Everyone” by default, but you can tweak it in the Settings menu.

Prefer to just play your friends? Set Accept Challenges to Friends Only.

Prefer to just play your friends? Set Accept Challenges to Friends Only.

Hi-Lo mini game

A new mini-game just landed on 8 Ball Pool on web: Hi-Lo. It’s simple to play: just predict whether the next ball is going to be higher or lower than the last one.

You need to get 4 in a row correct to reach the first Cashout milestone of 500 Pool Coins – but the further you go, the bigger the prize, right up to the jackpot of 250,000 coins. Once you’ve got past the first milestone, you can choose to Cashout at any point – so if you don’t fancy your chances of getting the next one right, you can bank your current prize. Be careful – if you get one wrong, you’ll be back down to 0.

New Trickshot Masterclass

We just released the new trickshot masterclass, featuring some mighty fine shots from Farha, Kaleem, knightshade9910, Aleksandros, Dusko and Subject 16. Check it out!

Hi-Lo is a new minigame on web, coming soon to mobile.

Hi-Lo is a new minigame on web, coming soon to mobile.

We had some amazing shots sent to us after we’d made this video, so if you’ve sent us one, don’t worry! It may well appear in the next masterclass.

Want to know how to make a trickshot? Don’t miss our How To post, featuring a video tutorial from trickshot expert, Kilkiju.

Best tweets

Thousands of you are sharing tweets about 8 Ball Pool every day – here are some of our favorites from the last few weeks. Don’t forget, you can find us on Twitter on @8ballpool!

It’s the ultimate test of character.

No guidelines or boosts in real life 🙁

Sounds good to us.

It’s what mobiles were invented for, right?

Good, but three is even better…

If your tweet has been featured in our Best Tweets round-up, and you’d rather it wasn’t – just email social at miniclip.com and we’ll remove it 🙂

Soccer Stars

Finally this month… we just launched a new mobile game that we think you’ll like, called Soccer Stars. Check it out for free on Android and iOS – join the thousands of players who are scoring great goals today!

That’s all for this month – don’t forget to keep an eye on our Facebook page to get all the latest 8 Ball Pool news and info in the meantime!

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  1. hoy cuando lo vi por ayer jueves me sorprendi que por fin podia ver todo en español felicitaicones nunca me deolvieorn lo puntos que me quito el sitema mi hijo me sigue reclamando el otro juego noloentedemos ocmo son los 4 en hilo

  2. Let’s have a funny game that 8 Ballers may like it. Let’s introduce in the game “WHEEL OF FORTUNA” or “Lucky Wheel”,U can change the name 🙂
    I sugest that at some tournaments to exclude “No Guidelines” because manny 8 Ballers waste their 8 Pool Coins and they dont like it if they lose!

  3. In the play a friend mode can you ad some rule settings so you can choose call pocket on every shot, or no guidelines etc

  4. how come the pc version of 8 ball pool cant play the all in game mode but has the achievement for winning and losing in the game?

  5. hi, this is The pool G0D, and I would like to mention that I have 220 billion coins and am a rank 41. please allow the number of digits extend longer, up to 10 trillion so people can tell I have total winnings over 500 billion. and also allow all in matches a higher max … 10 billion or 100 billion. thanks for your time

    • i call fake, you dont have that many coins at level 41, unless you have cheated or something of that nature. 220 billion, hehehehe, quit it, you are to funny

  6. I have been playing “friends”. I thought I would meet many players and enjoy some practice. It is full of cliques and certain others who want to play specific people. How about having a selection for those who would play just anyone? I can spend a hour and only find one or two who would play and seldom a second time. And I mean anyone from rank 1 to 131.

  7. That’s OK mini clip. Keep giving me the best players with more xp points and higher ranking. I started all over from scratch before. Its just a game and I can take it.

  8. Come on darksidemike. Finally found you but you did not answer my challenge. I see you are a 65 I’m only a 45. Still looking forward for some great games.

    • zip, When you asked me to play, I tried to play you two times, but nothing happened. I also went and searched for you and it said that nobody by that name was online…??? Sorry that we couldn’t connect…I’ll be looking out for you in the future…take care.

  9. How is it possible to have coin total ending with 01. Shouldn’t coin totals always end in denominations of 25.

    • Depends on how many games won vs played. To get an accurate percentage, divide games won by games played, then multiply by 100. At least you can see how close your getting to the next percentage point by using this method.

  10. My games still are still cancelled during play. After break and I make a follow up shot, the game still gives the opponent the shot and previous ball is spotted. Please answer. Fix the timer.

  11. How can I delete “friends” from the version on my tablet? My daughter was playing and someone we don’t know sent her a friend request and she accepted but I want to delete them? How do I do this? We have it linked to my Facebook acct and he is not in my facebook friends and on both the computer and tablet there is no minus sign to delete him, nor a remove button that we can find.
    Any help would be great and yes, I’ve now changed the setting to not accept friend requests on the game.

    • I’m having the same problem – I’m logged in with my FB account but the option to Remove is unavailable even though the player I want to remove is not one of my FB friends.

    • I have the same problem. I can’t delete “friends” from my friend list. They are not my FB friends. The “Remove Button” is always grey (inactive). How could I do? Please, anyone tell me how to remove those “friends” from the list.

    • I have the same problem too, I didn’t accept a friend request, I don’t have him on FB but I can’t delete him. Please help

  12. Im pretty sure I speak for most of the person that really knows how to play this game.. Im talking about the “Quick Fire Pool 9 ball”… is their any ways miniclip can CREATE a Regular American 9 ball match?.. Similar with the 8 ball match?.. when 2(two) opponent take turns shooting when one misses a shot or a scratch? and a Ball in hand rules too?…

  13. Not fair when you have earned 200,000 thousand points or more, when you start a game it automatically comes to that score you have and to swipe at times is faulty,should always start at least amount and my choice to decide what wager I play for.

  14. How do I remove a friend who is not a Facebook friend? I’ve added someone that I want to remove, but although they are not a Facebook friend the option to remove is unavailable?

  15. I can’t get the londen whisper achievement on iOS even though I already won the tournament and I need it to get the Las Vegas tournament

  16. So playing with my facebook friend and every now and then when we challenge each other it says “practice” -no coins are used and we can play repeatedly without loss of coins? It happens by complete accident and I would like to know how to do it purposely

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