World Soccer Forever – Everything You Need To Know

World Soccer Forever is a new game on Miniclip, putting your skills to the test in a series of player-versus-player challenges! There are tons of game modes, tournaments to win, coins to earn, trophies to unlock and customization options for your player and kit. We’ve put together this FAQ blog post to help you get the most out of the game.

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What is World Soccer Forever?

World Soccer Forever is a multiplayer free kick game where you can play against real players around the world. You can customize your player and equip them with special boosts to enhance your performance. Remember, you’re playing against the top scores recorded by REAL players – now go prove that you’re the best!

How do I play the game?

Hold the left mouse button and move your mouse to swipe the ball towards the target. Try it out and hone your skills to get a more accurate kick. The Player with the most goals wins and in the event of a tie-breaker, the highest score wins. You get more points for shots close to the corners – aim for perfection!

Use a short mouse movement to hit the ball along the ground, and a longer swipe to give the ball some height. Be careful not to shoot over the bar though!

The faster you move the mouse, the more speed is generated. Faster shots will be harder for the keeper to save… but also require more control to make sure you don’t miss the target.

Swipe the mouse to take your shot.

Swipe the mouse to take your shot.

Can I practice on my own before entering the multiplayer modes?

Yes, head over to Practice modes in the main menu where you can hone your skills at your own pace.

How do I play Free Kick Champ?

This mode is a tournament version of the standard free kick mode. You have to defeat three opponents to win the tournament. There is a 25 coin entry fee and the victor will win 200 coins.

How do I play Target Master?

Aim to hit the targets for maximum points! The more accurate your shots, the higher the points scored. Remember, the longer you swipe with the mouse, the higher your kick. Entry fee is 100 coins, and the prize is 500.

WSF air targetHow do I play Long Ball Legend?

Test your long ball accuracy by hitting distant targets. Aim for maximum points for a higher score. Entry fee is 100, and you earn 500 for a win.

How do I play Woodwork Wizard?

The aim of this mode is to try and hit the crossbar as many times as you can. Entry fee is 100, and the prize is 500.

How do I play Pass Pro?

In this mode you must get the ball to your teammate so they can score. The faster you can make the pass, the more points you will get. Entry fee is 100, and you earn 500 for a win.

How do I unlock/play Division 1 Star, World Beater, Best of the Best, WSF Winner and Ultimate Prize?

Only experienced players can play these modes! Level up to unlock more game modes.

How do I earn XP (Experience Points)?

You earn XP every time you play regardless if you win a game or not, however, you will earn more XP if you win. Gaining XP increases your rank and allows you to unlock special game modes later on.

Earn XP by playing matches. Win to get more XP and level up more quickly!

Earn XP by playing matches. Win to get more XP and level up more quickly!

How do I buy an Item in the Shop?

Click on Shop from the main menu or click any of the currency or shop buttons available in game. Then choose the item you would like to purchase. If you don’t have enough currency, you can continue playing to get some more or purchase more cash for real money.

How do I use the items I have bought?

The boost items will be used once the player has begun a match. Click the boost item before you take your kick to activate the boost or power up. You can select the Pitch and Ball items in the shop area once you have purchased the item and you will then see them once you are in-game.

What items can I buy?

There are many items in the shop. You can purchase Cash and Coins as well as new Kit and Stadium upgrades. In addition to these you can also buy Boosts listed here:

Item Description
Bet Doubles the score for one of your points
Power Shot Harder for the keeper to save
Wet Gloves Goalkeeper more likely to drop ball into net
Slow Motion Gives the player more time do his drag and so it could have more precision
Wall Minus Removes a member from the wall
Target Magnet Makes the ball move towards the center of the target when it’s in range, improving score.

The video below shows what the power ups look like being used in the game.

Do I need to use real money to buy items?

You can achieve all items in the game for free by playing through the game and earning coins, apart from boosts. All new players receive a few free boosts to start with. You can purchase additional World Soccer Forever cash for real money if you don’t have enough for that special upgrade or boost item.

What is the difference between Cash and Coins?

Both Cash and Coins can be used to buy consumable items or permanent upgrades. The coins will allow the user to purchase the Pitch upgrades and entering tournaments. The Cash will be used to purchase the Balls (Kit), and Boost items. The coins can be earned through match wins or purchased in currency bundles.

How can I check my Statistics?

You can check you player stats by clicking on your player profile picture wherever you see it. For easy access you can find it on the main game page in the top left corner.

Level up to unlock more tournaments.

Level up to unlock more tournaments.

Why is my country not available in the game?

Currently, only the teams who have qualified for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil are available. However, future updates will bring many more countries to choose from.

How do I use my left foot?

You can only use your right foot in the game. In World Soccer Forever’s multiplayer mode, you’re playing against top scores recorded by other players. As a result, the game may occasionally simulate your opponent as left-footed, using their data recorded when playing right-footed.

Hey, I scored more points than my opponent, but they still won!

Remember, the score is there as a tie-breaker. It’s all about who gets the most goals/hits out of five. If you score 5 out of 5 with 300 points, and your opponent scores 4 out of 5 with 350 points, you win as you scored 5 to their 4.

The score only comes into play in the event of a tie (for example, both players getting 5 out of 5). All the same, try to get as high a score as you can – you might need it!

How do I customize my Player?

From the Main Menu, click ‘Change Team’ or click on your players profile image and then click on ‘Customize’.

Customize your player!

Customize your player!

Can I make World Soccer Forever look even better?

World Soccer Forever has three graphical settings, high medium and low. The default setting is low, but you can change it by clicking on the little “star” icon in the bottom right corner. For the true WSF experience, bump it up to the highest setting!

The game doesn’t run in my browser, it’s asking me to install a plugin.

The game requires you to install a Unity Plugin. This plugin allows you to play awesome 3D Miniclip games in your browser.

I’ve got some great screenshots and videos from WSF that I want to share with the world! How should I do this?

You can post it in the comments, email, or tweet it! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #worldsoccerforever to see great content from other players – our @Miniclip Twitter account will retweet the best ones!


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