Leaderboards and weekly competitions in 8 Ball Pool

We’re very excited to unveil a big new feature in 8 Ball Pool…  leaderboards

This is your chance to prove who’s the very best with a cue in their hand! Every week, you’ll be able to see how you compare to your friends, other players in your country, and every 8 Baller in the entire world.

But there’s not just pride at stake… finishing in the top 3 of the weekly competition leaderboards will win you some big prizes. Leaderboards are now live on mobile and will be coming to web in the future.

Climb the leaderboards to win big prizes!

Climb the leaderboards to win big prizes!

Win Pool Cash and more

As well as exclusive achievements, defeating your friends will win you bonus Pool Coins. But finish in the top 3 in your country and you’ll be looking at a massive Pool Cash prize! And, if you’ve got the skills to be number 1 in the world… there’s 1,500 Pool Cash waiting for you.

So how can you get to the top of the leaderboards? It’s all based on how many Pool Coins you can win in the week.

A few rules

There’s a few things that you need to know before you start climbing those leaderboards.

  • Winnings from All-In don’t count towards this, as this would give players with big coin balances a huge advantage in getting to the top. Tournaments, Friend Challenges and 1v1 wins are the way to go.
  • You can’t play the same user more than once. Only wins against unique players will count towards your leaderboard score.
  • Coins won in Spin & Win, Scratch & Win or Hi/Lo also don’t count towards your leaderboard score, nor do Coins purchased from the Pool Shop.
  • You need at least 1 friend in your Friends List in order to win a prize on the Friends Leaderboard.

You’ll need to check in to the game to collect your prize – so if you’ve had a good week, don’t miss out!

Play your friends

Weekly competitions with friends are a great way to show off your skills – especially if you finish ahead of them all!

You can only win a prize if you have at least 1 friend in your friends list – so invite some of your friends and play some pool!

When you win a match, you’ll get the glory of seeing yourself passing friends in the leaderboard… although you’ll also be told if your friends go past you 😉

Let’s Play Some Pool

These weekly competition leaderboards are out now to 8 Ball Pool on mobile, and will arrive on web after. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and the official @8ballpool Twitter account for all the latest details.

Think you’re the best 8 Ball Pool player in the world? Time to prove it!


67 replies

  1. Will you be increasing the chance of winning better prizes for the slot machine? It seems like All I ever win is 100,250,300 or 500. I must have past 10,000 and 50,000 about twenty times now.

    Considering I have been to level 33 and I actually think it would be better too. It seems too “unique” to ever win any high prizes. Considering you added a new table level 500,000. Perhaps this increase would help people reach that level of coin play. Please and thank you for your consideration

  2. This sounds like a great idea to be honest and also has anyone ever won the lucky 8 cue on the spin and win ??

  3. I want everytime when you get a award to get 100k pool coins for every reward you get please
    And also play friends on pc were you can choose your own bet.
    Also add monaco all in on web as well because it gets quite bored on mobile. Please

  4. Games still end prematurely. Also after potting a ball on break and making follow up shot, that ball is spotted, balls rearranged, and opponent is given the next shot. Any idea when this will be fixed Ben?

  5. Darkside, really enjoy the competition. Last time I wanted to show different breaks. No matter how many are made on break, its’ all the follow up shots that count. Making less balls makes for a longer and more interesting game. I use all kinds. To each his own.

  6. Hi. I have a serious issue. someone ( my bro) added a pool god player as my friend on the weekly. Now I want to unfriend that person, but using the guideline, I DO NOT SEE EDIT button to remove that guy from my list. I am using a mini s4 mobile

  7. Please help me understand the NEW weekly competition. For the second consecutive week I have outplayed ALL of my friends yet do not appear on the winners least at all, let alone in the # one spot where I belong! This past week I scored 121,500 coins, while a friend scored only 16,000 and placed 1st. Another friend who placed second scored only 2,200. When this happened last week, I read the rules and learned that you had to have the app open to win, so this week I made it a point to be awake (at 1 a.m.) to have the app open. Still, I was not listed as the winner among my friends. I invest a lot of extra money in this addictive game. This is completely unfair!!! What gives? Please advise. Thanks.

  8. *Winnings from All-In don’t count towards this, as this would give players with big coin balances a huge advantage in getting to the top. Tournaments, Friend Challenges and 1v1 wins are the way to go.

    Players with big coin balances still have a huge advantage because they can play higher prized 1v1 games.

  9. Yeah, I held the top rank in my league for three days and didn’t get the 75 cash for winning the weekly league play. But it sure did move me up to the amethyst league.

    • Same with me I’m thinking of writing the game and deleting it I worked hard and now I’m losing 🙂 coins cause I can’t buy pool cute

  10. Can u plz give me the list of highest winning countries and lowest cuz i wanna check which cointries r the best and which countries r the worst

  11. Same thing has happened to me…… Win the “Friends” weekly tournament. It says you must open the app, but there’s nothing here to tell me how to collect!!!!
    Would you please leave a clear response as to how to collect winnings??

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