World Soccer Forever – Best Goal Contest


We’re having a Best Goal Contest in World Soccer Forever, with prizes for the best! We’re looking for a video of an outrageous display of free kick skill to put before a judging panel that including the game’s creators!

World Soccer Forever is all about hitting the back of the net, as you try to outscore performances recorded by other players from all around the world. To win this contest, you’ll need to show us your mastery of power, swerve and accuracy.

What will you win?

For the winner, there’s a grand prize of 400 Cash and 50,000 Coins!

We’ve also got some Cash & Coin prizes for a select group of runners-up.

How to win

Before you rush off and bend it like Beckham, remember you need to record a video of your shot to be in with a chance to win. Use screen-recording software like Bandicam or Camtasia. Just remember to hit the record button before you start.

You can upload your videos to YouTube and send them to us on Facebook or email them to us at Don’t forget to tag your videos with #worldsoccerforever.

A stylish goal is the best goal!

What are the judges looking for?

You’ll be judged on:

  • Distance
  • Difficulty
  • Accuracy
  • Ball curve
  • Style
  • The Soccer Forever Factor

The crazier shots will have the best chance – things like outrageous curving free kicks from long range, or shots that smack in off the crossbar or post… or even a shot that flicks off the wall and into the net! Use your imagination to try and come up with the best goal.

A few hints

You can even use power-ups, don’t be afraid to be as flashy as you want. Send us as many videos as you want, we’ll pick the winning shot from the best of the bunch.

Take a look at the power-ups tutorial and see the kinds of shots you could be pulling off!

Now you know what you have to do, get on World Soccer Forever and get scoring!