Soccer Stars: new update

You probably know all about our multiplayer mobile game, Soccer Stars by now (if not, seriously? Download it free now and start playing!), but we just released a big new update to the game with a ton of great new features.

Get the update now on iOS and Android – here’s what’s new in Soccer Stars 1.1.

Find friends by User ID

We’ve improved the friends search functionality in the game – now you can find ANYONE in the world simply by entering their name into the search bar. If there’s a particular person you want to play with, you can search by their User ID (found in their game profile) and challenge them to a game.

C’mon, Cristiano, accept my challenge already…

We've improved the search friends function in the game.

We’ve improved the search friends function in the game.

Take on the All In challenge

Head to the new Qatar tier for the All In challenge. Yes, this means you’ll be staking ALL your coins in one game of Soccer Stars – make sure you’re properly warmed-up and have got your game face in place before starting this one.

The rules are simple: the first player to score four goals takes the prize. You need a minimum stake of 1,000 coins to enter. Bear in mind that the total prize for All In will be based on the lower balance of the two players. For example, if Gareth Bale has 10,000 coins and Leo Messi only has 5,000, then the All In prize will be 10,000 (5,000 coins from Bale, 5,000 from Messi = 10,000).

Good luck!

Time to go All In to win big.

Time to go All In to win big.

New formations

Time to go back to the tactical drawing board: there’s a bunch of new formations for you to try out. We’re currently having a lot of success with the flat back four of the Hardline formation – try and get past THAT defense!

The new Hardline formation: the perfect back four.

The new Hardline formation: the perfect back four.

New sounds

We’ve added a ton of new sound effects into the game – feel all the emotion of soccer while you’re playing! If this doesn’t get you celebrating a goal like this guy, nothing ever will.

New languages

We’ve localized Soccer Stars into a load of new languages, with more to come. For now, you can enjoy the game in French, German, Portuguese, Portuguese Brazilian, Italian, Russian, Turkish and Spanish.

Get the update!

So, what are you waiting for? Get the update for free now on your iOS or Android device!

See you on the pitch!

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    • Wow i am emileeh from sydney and i love the game but could you make the offers better and spins every 7 hrs thanks miniclop. So cool i say 4.7 stars and also my friend can’t log in ? can u help plus change everyone’s account except mine if you can. And my new game for you is called coin dozer haunted hehe have fun and try to do my ideas ? meet me at glendenning public school on March 1st on my bday for a show if can u are my star thanks alot hope you like me and my games,ideas and your game soccer stars well gotta go so keep on hoping soon u will become a star and a rockstar (wink?)well seya then and reply

  1. I barely downloaded the game and I tried to challenge my friend. He said he didn’t saw it and he said I need to earn coins first, so I did. He challenged me and I was staring for five minutes at the screen looking for a challenge. Does it have to do anything with that I use a Facebook and he uses miniclip login? Please help

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