Cues With Powers are here!

Breaking news, 8 Ball Pool fans: the much anticipated Cues With Powers update is finally here! This huge update adds a bunch of new features to the game, making 8 Ball Pool better than ever.


Cues With Powers adds exactly that, and all your existing cues now have individual statistics that affect how good they are in different areas. Finding the right one for you will be a tough task, but the ability to switch cues during a game will make it easier! Some cues will naturally have higher stats than others, but worry not, as skilled players will still have the natural advantage of practice and ability.

As well as these new powers, we are also adding over EIGHTY new cues, all as useful to use as they are good to look at. We’re also adding new country cues, including¬†the¬†Philippines, Algeria, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia. Now more of you than ever can represent your country of choice in a patriotic showdown!

The Cues With Powers update is out now on iOS and Android platforms, and will be coming to PC in the near future. Can’t get enough 8 Ball Pool? Like the game on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter! While you are at it, why not like Miniclip on Facebook, follow our Twitter account and subscribe to our YouTube channel for even more brilliant, free games.

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