Cues With Powers are here!

Breaking news, 8 Ball Pool fans: the much anticipated Cues With Powers update is finally here! This huge update adds a bunch of new features to the game, making 8 Ball Pool better than ever.


Cues With Powers adds exactly that, and all your existing cues now have individual statistics that affect how good they are in different areas. Finding the right one for you will be a tough task, but the ability to switch cues during a game will make it easier! Some cues will naturally have higher stats than others, but worry not, as skilled players will still have the natural advantage of practice and ability.

As well as these new powers, we are also adding over EIGHTY new cues, all as useful to use as they are good to look at. We’re also adding new country cues, including the Philippines, Algeria, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia. Now more of you than ever can represent your country of choice in a patriotic showdown!

The Cues With Powers update is out now on iOS and Android platforms, and will be coming to PC in the near future. Can’t get enough 8 Ball Pool? Like the game on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter! While you are at it, why not like Miniclip on Facebook, follow our Twitter account and subscribe to our YouTube channel for even more brilliant, free games.

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37 replies

  1. This update sucks. You made the “normal” aim, spin and power WORSE and now you have to buy your way back to the old version.

  2. Great update, though I’m trying to forget about our power ups. I’ve tried few new cues (with pool coins) but “Spin is Not Enough”. Which cue still has the extreme spin like ‘maximum spin power up’ or more than that?

  3. The ONLY positive remark I have about the latest update is I LOVE finally being allowed to swap cues mid-game!

    HOWEVER, the cues w/ “special powers” SUCK!!! The reason I’ve spent HOURS UPON HOURS playing this game is because it’s the ONLY one that’s anywhere close to actually playing pool. Now, it’s more like a child’s video game; more like any of the other 1000 pool games offered online

  4. It wouldn’t completely suck is the cues powers would recharge in like say half an hour. But the way it now… absolutely terrible! Takes all the fun out of the game

  5. It is so annoying to constantly have your money stash zapped just to charge a cue. It makes no sense to “charge” a stick’s battery.

    I’m giving up on this game.

  6. I played a lot of this game. But the spin based on cue and quick recharge takes all fun out. The game was close to real, just rail reaction to spin was too little. I have won 70 000 000 plus, so paying for cue recharge is not money issue.

    I would prefer a lot more a fair game with equal cues and realistic gameplay. But it seems tyat the game is now more about kids and blingbling than pool.

    Anyone, do you know of a good poolgame that this game about was?

  7. Worst addition to this game.
    Had ~100,000 coins at the start of the week; I only play London Lounge (25 coins per game), so was a little shocked when I was suddenly completely out of cash. Apparently my cues been auto-recharging itself for ~10,000 a pop all week.
    So now I can’t play, and when I do get to play, I don’t get to use the cues I’ve unlocked because they’re “out of charge”… What fun.

  8. I’m not sure what is the purpose of the auto-recharge on cues… All I know is that after I’ve played a few rounds I’m suddenly missing money. It takes the fun out of it. I really don’t care about cue powerups!!!

    • The auto recharge is a fee you pay on the cue to play. It is 50 shots for a recharge. Each cue has a different recharge cost.

  9. The cues with powers are not bad, but the recharge charge is rediculous. Why charge a recharge fee after we had to pay so much to buy the cues?
    50 shots with a cue and then pay again to play is not acceptable.

  10. I would like to know why I play the 25 coin one in one after the game it takes all my coins I’ve had over a 1000 coins played the one on one and it to them all happens every day

    • Hi Casey, this is likely because your cue is set to auto-recharge. You can turn this off by going to Shop, selecting the cue you’re using, and turning auto-recharge to off.

  11. Can we have our unique cue chat comments on the app version please? it sucks that i bought a cue thinking I’d get the chat option in the app

  12. after this latest update (cue recharge) i can only play in the lowest tournament because of the constant recharge cost, ill thought out update.. bye bye miniclip.

  13. sorry miniclip but you have got this one totally wrong, paying to keep using a cue that you have allready paid for is ridiculous.

  14. this has got to be the worst update ever, like many of my online pool friends i dont play any more because of it. This used to be the best pool game on the internet by far, totally ruined a great game.

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