Classic indie and mobile games on Miniclip

If you haven’t seen already, we’ve brought a few classic indie titles and hot mobile games to our site recently. We’ve got games like Soccer Physics, Ski Safari and Swing Copters all available for you to play on Miniclip – no smartphone required! Better yet, we’ve got even more on the way. Let’s take a look at some more awesome titles that have hit in the last few weeks, or are coming real soon.


SUPERHOT is a unique, super-stylish FPS-puzzler where time only moves when you do. You have to plan your next move carefully, because if you don’t, you could end up with a bullet in the back and game over. SUPERHOT was launched on Kickstarter on May 14th where it reached its funding goal in less than 24 hours! Use pinpoint aiming to kill your enemies but remember, their bullets – and yours – move whenever you do.

In each level, SUPERHOT sets you up in a different scenario which you need to use your wits to overcome. Play the SUPERHOT prototype on Miniclip, before it launches on Xbox One! 😉




V-6, Vee or Vs is the 2D puzzle platformer from Terry Cavanagh. You play as Captain Viridian, lost in an alternate dimension tasked with finding your lost crewmates and your ship. Your path is blocked by deadly spikes and pitfalls, but you can’t jump over them. Captain Viridian has the ability to control gravity, allowing him to walls on ceilings and walls.

VVVVVV is out now, play it on Anyone who’s played it before will know that it’s a really relaxing game… honest…



Plants vs Zombies

An excellent tower defense strategy game that has you defending your house from zombies with… weaponized plants? Place units such as sunflowers, mushrooms and walnuts across your garden to defend against the zombie hordes.

There are also different zombies types so you’ll have to come up with different strategies to overcome each challenge. You can play Plants vs Zombies right now on!




The game that launched the endless runner genre, Canabalt has a great minimalist look and awesome pixel art style. No powerups, currency or collectibles. Just you running as far as you can. Avoid boxes, jump through windows and across collapsing buildings.

Canabalt is coming later this year to!



Bejeweled 3

One of the very first games in the match-3 genre, Bejeweled is an addictive fast paced puzzler. Who knew that the simplicity of matching 3 gems would lead to the game being ported to 8 different platforms across PC, mobile and consoles!

Bejeweled 3 actually improves on perfection by adding new gameplay modes like Zen, Lightning and Quest mode and a few hidden secrets too. This game will be out on Miniclip soon!



Zuma’s Revenge

Zuma’s Revenge is another classic puzzle matching game where you control a frog and match colored stones to complete each level. You’ve got to make sure that the stones don’t reach the end of the track or you’ll lose a life! Don’t panic though, you’ve got loads of powers to use to get an edge.






At Miniclip, we love games and we’re committed to bringing the best games to our players. We want you to have the best gaming experiences which is why we’re bringing some of the best indie and mobile titles to our site for you to enjoy again, or experience for the very first time!

All of these games will be released on soon, so keep an eye out!