On The Run, racing onto your mobile soon!

On The Run is racing onto┬ámobile and tablet devices, and it’s going to be big.

The simplest way to describe the game is a mixture of a classic arcade racer with a touch of the modern endless runner genre. Your goal is easy: drive as fast as you can for as long as you can! You car will automatically move forwards, gaining speed as it goes, and tapping right or left will move you between the five lanes. So far, so simple, right?

On The Run boost smash

Problem is, the roads are filled with other vehicles that can all-too-easily get in your way and cause a crash. But, in a genius bit of risk/reward brilliance, driving up behind other cars will give you a boost in speed known as slipstreaming. Quickly dipping in and out behind other vehicles without hitting them to build up a huge speed boost is the key to hitting the leaderboards in On The Run, but it takes a lot of skill. Mess up and hit one of the other cars and you will slow to a crawl, losing valuable seconds.

This is especially crucial as the game uses a timed checkpoint system reminiscent of old arcade racers like Outrun. You only have a scant few seconds to reach the next checkpoint, although getting there with time to spare will carry over the bonus time, giving you a slight advantage. As you get further, the amount of time you get each checkpoint will decrease, until every second counts as you race against the clock.

On The Run tank

There are a few powerups dotted around the roads that can help you squeeze out a few more precious seconds. Collecting three blue lightning bolts will give you a huge speed boost, ploughing through anything in your way while it lasts. Even more exciting are the bonus vehicles you can drive for a short time, if you are lucky enough to come across one. To begin with, you’ll have two unlocked: a huge monster truck that cuts through other cars like butter and an enormous tank that can blow up anything in its path. You’ll also have the opportunity to unlock more bonus vehicles, including a fire truck, tri-plane and even a UFO!

On The Run is coming to iOS and Android very soon, and is set to deliver a blast of arcade fun straight to your mobile devices!

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