Bike Rivals: level design and the art of dying

Bike Rivals is our new stunt racer coming to iOS and Android devices in just a few weeks. You can see it in action here (courtesy of AppSpy’s Peter Willington), or check out our first-look teaser trailer at the bottom of this blog post.

Meanwhile, we want to take you behind the scenes of the game, and lift the lid on Bike Rivals’ design.

Some concept artwork from one of Bike Rivals' level packs. Most of which will kill you.

Some concept artwork from one of Bike Rivals’ level packs. Most of which will kill you.

The goal of Bike Rivals is to get to the end of each track as quickly as possible. The faster you are, the more stars you’ll earn (and the more you can boast to your friends about beating their scores by a couple of milliseconds – trust us, this is a very satisfying feeling). En route to the finish line, you’ll be looping the loop, vaulting over chasms, dodging falling rocks and generally looking awesome. At least, that’s what you hope will happen – because most of the time you will be faceplanting, plummeting, getting a rock in the face or being melted by acid.


Sure, dying in games is nothing new, so games today need to come up with new and strangely exciting ways to satiate your morbid curiosity. Thanks to some wonderful art and level design and some clearly demented minds on the development team, Bike Rivals has no shortage of ways to make your poor rider bite the dust – often literally. From swirling blades of death (we have no idea how they got there) to Indiana Jones-style rolling boulders bearing down on you, the potential for a grisly demise is never far away – and that’s only in the first couple of levels! Luckily, death isn’t the hassle it is in real life, and trying again is only ever one button press away. Several longer levels even include checkpoints so you don’t have to replay large sections if all you want to do is reach the end.

The level design on show is especially impressive, as you’ll navigate a number of mind-bending obstacles through each stage. From parking up inside the middle of a wrecking ball to navigating vast clockwork contraptions with multiple moving parts, these aren’t exactly realistic motocross courses.


On launch day, Bike Rivals will contain three wildly different types of world, each containing 30 manic motocross maps to try and reach the end of. First, you’ll be racing through a prehistoric wasteland, navigating over craggy cliffs and dinosaur bones. If you can make it through this world, next you’ll reach a volcanic land full of lava, fire, heat and pain. Navigate the flames and you’ll eventually reach the third world, a futuristic series of icy caverns, strange glowing plants, bizarre machinery and seemingly alien artefacts. Not exactly your regular bike ride!

Bike Rivals will continue to be supported after launch, with more far-out worlds coming in the future. Hitting mobile devices very soon, we can guarantee you’ve never played a motocross game with stages as inventive – or deadly – as Bike Rivals!