A big update to World Soccer Forever

World Soccer Forever landed on Miniclip during this year’s World Cup, but – as any soccer fan knows – the sport didn’t stop at the end of that tournament. Nope, soccer is a year-round event and, with the Champions League and other competitions all now underway, we thought this would be the perfect time to bring you a big new update to one of our most popular games from this year.

If you’re not familiar with World Soccer Forever, you can play it right here or check out this blog post that has everything you need to know about the game. But for those who have already been smashing in the goals in the game, here’s what we’re going to be adding to make it even better. Here’s the quick trailer, but read on for the full run-down of all the new features!

New scenarios

Thought you’d mastered every freekick set-up that World Soccer Forever had to offer, with Cristiano Ronaldo-like precision? Think again: we’ve got a load of new scenarios on the way. New positions, new defensive wall formations… all of which will present a new challenge to even the most experienced player.

New scenarios present new challenges.

New scenarios present new challenges.

New scoring system

World Soccer Forever is about to start rewarding your goalscoring skills in all-new ways. As before, you’ll still be trying to hit the back of the net, and you’ll be given a point score for how close you can get to the top corners. However, in the new version, there’s also a bonus score up for grabs: you’ll be given bonus points based on Time, Power and Curve. So a quick shot with high power and super-curve will give you the most points – providing the goalkeeper doesn’t save it, of course. Speaking of keepers…

Smarter goalkeepers

One of the biggest bits of feedback we’ve had for World Soccer Forever concerns the game’s goalkeepers. In particular, you wanted them to be a little smarter and better at shot-stopping. This is something we’ve addressed in the update – you’ll find that the new keepers are a little harder to beat!

New bonus scoring system rewards you for speed, power and curve.

New bonus scoring system rewards you for speed, power and curve.

Coin toss

In World Soccer Forever, you’re playing against the best performances recorded by real players from all around the world. In the past, you always took the first turn, then saw your opponent’s recorded shot. Now, there’ll be a coin toss at the start of each round to determine who goes first. This means that you’ll now be feeling a bit more pressure if your opponent has the first shot and gets a good score!

And more!

These are some of the biggest features coming in this update, but we’re also making a whole host of minor improvements. Just like in 8 Ball Pool and Soccer Stars, you’ll soon be able to use your Facebook picture as your profile image in World Soccer Forever. We’ve also been working to improve matchmaking in the game, and a couple of other things under the hood to make the game run even better.

This update is coming to World Soccer Forever real soon – keep an eye on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed for all the latest news!

Each game now starts with a coin toss to determine who goes first.

Each game now starts with a coin toss to determine who goes first.