Bike Rivals is out NOW!

Good news, everyone. The day is finally here: Bike Rivals is available NOW for FREE on iOS and Android devices! Download it HERE on the App Store and HERE on Google Play!

We’ve already been covering the game extensively on the blog, but in case you’ve been living under a rock, here’s the short version. Bike Rivals is a side-scrolling motocross “sim” (we use the word very lightly) where you’ll be navigating crazy courses full of deadly obstacles and traps, trying to set the best time possible while reaching the end in one piece.

We’ve already written in detail about the insane tracks in Bike Rivals, which you can read HERE. After that, check out our new trailer below!

Still want more? Bike Rivals currently has 12 different vehicles to unlock and ride, and we’ve covered each one so you know which is best for you! HERE is part one, and HERE is part two. Enjoy!

If you want to give Bike Rivals a try, we have a free teaser version available to play directly in your browser! Try it HERE.

And remember, if for some bizarre reason you haven’t already: download Bike Rivals for FREE on the App Store HERE, or on Google Play HERE. Happy racing, and try not to crash!

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  1. Game is very fun, but it keeps not giving me stars that I’ve earned.

    Playing a track 10-20 times to beat the 30 second time and achieve 3 stars. I will CEOs the finish line with a 28 second time and revive NO STARS!


  2. Ciao, non riesco a superare la mappa 81 c’è un bug. Ho scaricato il gost di altri giocatori e non capisco come altri vanno avanti mentre ancorq deve aprirsi il cancello. Grazie

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