Tips for playing Bike Rivals

Bike Rivals is out now, and millions of you are enjoying racing through dangerous terrain, trying to get a one-up on your friends and beat their best scores. You can download it right now for FREE on iOS and Android! We’ve got some exclusive hints and tips directly from the people that made the game, so if you want to give yourself the best advantage possible – read on, or watch and listen to our tips video!


Yes, it sounds obvious, we know, but it’s impossible to get the full three stars in a level if you crash at any point. No matter how fast you manage to be, crashing is an instant fail when it comes to getting that top rank, and you’ll have to start again if that’s your goal. So the solution is simple = DON’T CRASH! Hard courses will have checkpoints that mean you don’t have to start from the beginning every time, but doing this again means you can’t get all three stars. The only way is to press that retry symbol in the top left and start from the beginning.


Faster bikes will have you beating your friends’ times with ease.


While the basic bike you start with is decent enough to finish every track, to start hitting the high score table you’ll need to unlock some more powerful rides. Each bike can be bought with a bit of real-life cash, but each is also able to be unlocked by fulfilling various in-game tasks. The first few are quite simple to earn, and once you are cruising around on one of these more powerful rides, getting those three-star times will seem a lot easier.


We aren’t sure how realistic this is when compared to real motocross racing (not much, probably), but when driving you will generally go faster when pulling a wheelie than you will if both wheels are touching the ground. This obviously doesn’t apply 100% of the time, and you’ll have to take into account the lay of the terrain in particular, but as a general rule, try and pop a wheelie whenever travelling along a straight, smooth, bit of track. If you’ve got real skills, try doing it uphill! As well as the speed boost, pulling off a wheelie will also fill your nitro bar – two birds, one stone.


While hitting huge jumps with multiple spins might look sweet, it isn’t always the wisest move when it comes to setting the leaderboards on fire. You’ll generally travel forward slower floating through the air than you would accelerating on the ground, and the nitro you’ll gain doing all the flips probably won’t be enough to offset the difference. By all means, flip and gain nitro when possible, but don’t go out of your way to get huge air when you don’t have to – sticking close to the ground and controlling your jumps is normally the smarter move.


Tap on any name in the leaderboards to download their ghost!


Can’t figure out how to match those incredible times on the global leaderboard, or desperate to beat your friends and rub victory in their faces? Why not watch them directly to pick up some tips? Press anyone’s name on the leaderboard to download their ghost, and next time you play the track you’ll see them alongside you as you race. Watch closely and try to emulate their runs, and you might even pip them to the post!


Starting a track from the map screen costs one block of your fuel gauge, which will gradually refill over time. However, once on the course, restarting is totally free and can be done over and over until you shave enough milliseconds off your time to finally get that record you want. Just hit that retry symbol in the top left of the screen, or when the race is over, to start again for no extra cost.

If for some bizarre reason you haven’t downloaded Bike Rivals yet, you can get it HERE on iOS and HERE on Android!