On The Run: developer interview

On The Run, our incredible mash-up of arcade racer and endless runner is roaring its way to iOS and Android devices very soon. We sat down and had a chat with developers Leo, Paolo and Pietro about the game.

What were your inspirations in creating On The Run?

Primarily, we just wanted to create a fun, fast-paced game. But yes, we were inspired by a wide range of games, from old arcade racers to modern mobile endless runners. There was definitely a lot of inspiration from the likes of Out Run and Daytona USA, with the checkpoint system and over the top announcer voice! Plus, of course, the overall fast pace owes a lot to those old games.


How much influence did the original On The Run series have on the game?

A little, for sure. For those who don’t know, the original On The Run games are a series of brower-based driving games on Miniclip, and they’re quite different from this new title. It’s still about driving a car, but while we did take inspiration from the original web series we wanted to create something new for mobiles. Some of the gameplay from the web games didn’t translate particularly well to the mobile platform.

On The Run is certainly challenging – is it tricky to get a balance between difficulty and fun?

It is difficult, and is something we are constantly working on. You want to appeal to hardcore gamers while keeping it accessible for casual ones, and finding the sweet spot in the middle of both is a process that is never really over. We are still tweaking difficulty now while we get ready for release.

Is there anything else that’s been tweaked in the last month or so, as the game moves towards soft-launch and global launch?

We are looking at the way the game communicates with players, the wording of particular messages and so on. We are also reviewing difficulty levels, like we mentioned, and the combo/slipstream mechanic. With slipstream we are tweaking how much distance you can be from a car to catch slipstream, as our testing has led us to believe that the distance is slightly too short, meaning that you crash more often than we’d like. As always, it’s a balance between challenging and fun.


How does On The Run differentiate itself from other runner-style games?

The environment is a lot more dynamic than many runners, other cars change lanes and so on, making obstacles very mobile. You need to really be on your toes at all times or you will definitely hit something. Also, the risk/reward of the slipstream system is unlike anything else in the genre.

What are you personally most proud of in On The Run? Any specific feature / challenge that was overcome in the development?

We are most proud of the pace of the game. It is much more immediate and quick than many others and the second-to-second gameplay a lot more intense. We’re very proud of this arcade-like feeling. Also, we like the ironic idea of being on the run from the police and trying to make a getaway, yet you get rewarded for driving outrageously and increasing your “fame” by being caught on camera while you do it!

On The Run is racing onto iOS and Android devices soon – get an exclusive first look below!