FC Barcelona and more coming to Soccer Stars!

The biggest club in the world is coming to the world’s biggest multiplayer soccer game… what could be better?

Yes, we’re very pleased to announce that FC Barcelona are set to become the very first football club to appear in Soccer Stars! Soon, you’ll be able to play as Barça in our mobile game… and we’ve also got plenty of other new stuff to tell you about that’s coming to Soccer Stars in the very near future.

Unlock new teams and more with Soccer Stars' Surprise Packs.

Unlock new teams and more with Soccer Stars’ Surprise Packs.

Unlock new teams with Surprise Packs

Surprise Packs are a new collectible that are going to be making their Soccer Stars debuts in the coming weeks. Each pack will give you a piece of a team, and after collecting 4, you’ll have a complete team that you can use in the game. Besides team pieces, the packs can also give coins and mini-game tokens.

There’s also going to be loads of new teams added to the game, sorted into uncommon, rare and mega rare. Check out the screenshot below for a peek at some of the new ones!

Every player will get a couple of Surprise Packs to get you started, then you’ll be able to win them in the Spin & Win mini-game or buy them from the shop.

Login with your Miniclip ID

One of the most-frequent requests we’ve had with Soccer Stars is to add the ability to use your Miniclip login, if you don’t have a Facebook or Google+ account. This is now coming with the next update. You can register free for a Miniclip account over on Miniclip.com.

A sneak peek at some of the new teams hitting Soccer Stars very soon.

A sneak peek at some of the new teams hitting Soccer Stars very soon.

Change teams more easily

We’re also making it easier for you to switch your team selection. With the next update, you won’t have to go all the way to the shop to pick which team you want to play as – you can do this from the 1 v 1 / tournament tier selection screen.

10 Bucks for Facebook users

If you use your Facebook login to play Soccer Stars, you’ll get 10 Bucks added to your account! If you’re an existing player, you may need to log out and log back in to get your Bucks.

All this and plenty more will be coming to Soccer Stars soon! As always, keep an eye on the Soccer Stars Facebook page for all the latest info about the game. Now, let’s play!

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  1. Barcelona is the biggest football club?!?!?? You kidding me Miniclip, Manchester United is the biggest club in the world. So make sure to include Man Und in the next update, not these pictures on caps. I dont want them!!! There are annyoing!!! Frist time when that game come up, i say to myself “That game will add and real teams in the future, I sure of that”, and what comes??? Some pictures that even there arent close to football emblems!!!!! And one last thing. Why facebook users will get 10$?!?!?! In previous updates of this game and 8 ball pool, there was a $$$ (yes they was around 2-5 $ for 8 ball and 10$ for Soccer – little, but better than nothing) for everyone!!!

  2. I have been playing Soccer Stars for a while now. I’ve played 2 1v1 USA games but have not been issued the achievement for it. Who should I contact about this?

  3. Do the teams have different strengths in Soccer Stars or are they just different flags/emblems? The reason I ask is because some players seem to hit the ball harder (e.g the skull and cross bones flag).

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