The most epic Bike Rivals fail of all time

Bike Rivals is a game of dichotomy, the sweet bliss of victory offset by the crushing disappointment of failure. And trust us, you will fail… a lot. All it takes is a bump to the head and your rider is out like a light, their body and bike hurtling through the air into painful, bone-breaking oblivion. We are sure you’ve all already had plenty of great falls in the game, but have any been as good as… THIS?

bike rivals lol

Somehow we doubt it, but if you have any video clips or gifs of similarly brilliant fails, send them to us at and we’ll feature them on the blog as well as our Twitter and Facebook pages!

Haven’t downloaded Bike Rivals yet? Why on earth not? Get it HERE on iOS and HERE on Android, or alternatively play it directly in your browser on HERE. Good luck, and try not to crash! Or if you do, at least try to make it entertaining, please?