You could star in Supercar Showdown!

UPDATE: This competition is now closed! Thank you for all your entries, look out for an announcement soon with our 18 Supercar Showdown winners!

Supercar Showdown is an incredible new top-down racing game coming to Miniclip, inspired by the classic Micro Machines series as well as newer games like Need For Speed. The game is coming soon, but we’ve got a huge contest: 18 of you will be IN Supercar Showdown!


Get your name in Supercar Showdown!

Here’s what you need to do:

1) Pick a character from the list below!

2) Create a YoMe for that character!

3) Send it to us at!

Don’t forget to tell us which character you’ve chosen!

It’s that simple!

We’ve got 18 characters you’ll race against in the game, all with suitably “amusing” names that might just remind you of certain other people. What we need you to do is create a custom YoMe for any of the characters below, and we’ll pick the best! The winners will have their name and YoMe featured in the game itself as the opponents that players all over the world with race against!


Here are the names (we apologise in advance):

“Da Phantom” – Besides driving cars, this purple-wearing hero starred in a cult film in the mid 90s.

“Fin Diesel” – A bald action hero known for driving cars fast and being furious. He can see in the dark… even when it’s pitch black.

“Dirk Knight” – The racer driver we need, not the one we deserve.

“Spud Racer” – An old 80s anime star who recently attempted a comeback with a rubbish live-action film. It didn’t go well.

“Evil Knievil” – This one is literally just Evil Knievil. This shouldn’t be too hard.

“Duke Hazard” – This southern racer has an odd affinity for denim cut-offs. It’s weird.

“Tim Cruise” – This diminutive star’s favourite highway is the one to the dangerzone. He also likes hopping on sofas.

“Lightning McKing” – A car driving another car? What is this madness?

“Maniac Max” – Hailing from a post-apocalyptic future, this road warrior is best mates with Tina Turner.

“Smokey Bandit” – Has a sweet cowboy hat, but his steed is of the race car variety.

“Marty McDrive” – A little racer with a big heart, who can never remember quite what year it is.

“Nickolast Cage” – This guy has a real fear of bees. Like, the dude hates bees. He is also interested in learning how things became burnt.

“Optimus Drive” – Enjoys yelling “ROLL OUT” every time he goes for a drive.

“Startskey Clutch”- Has a fine taste in retro flares. Often attaches a siren to his car.

“Knight Roader” – This rider is huge in Germany, for some reason?

“Berris Fueller” – A young driver who ditched school to go racing. Don’t skip school, kids!

“Ghust Rider” – Where is this dude’s skin? His face is a skull! Scary. He tends to prefer bikes to cars.

“Da Stig” – He wears a helmet all the time, even in the shower. He claims it saves on buying shampoo.


What’s a YoMe and how do I make one?

Don’t know what a YoMe is, or how to create one? No problem! A YoMe is a custom avatar you can make and use on, and here’s how you do it!

1) Go to and make an account (or log in if you already have one!) This is pretty simple, so hopefully we don’t need to explain!

2) Once you are signed in, click on your name in the top right and go to Edit Profile. 

3) Click the Edit Avatar tab.

4) Create a YoMe!

5) Once it is done, click Print Me to get a PDF of your YoMe that you can save and send to us!

Players are welcome to submit for more than one character, but you’ll only be able to win one name. We’ll need a picture of the YoMe with your Miniclip username and ID number so you can be credited in the game. And of course, don’t forget to tell us which character you’ve picked! Email all entries to, and good luck!