Bike Rivals Halloween update – out now!

Spooky news, everyone! Just in time for Halloween, we’ve got a brand new pack of levels coming to Bike Rivals for the excellent price of TOTALLY FREE. If you don’t have time to bleed (or read) then check out the trailer below, otherwise read on for all the information!

The Bike Rivals Halloween update contains 10 brand-spanking new levels, designed to be as challenging as possible, even for the experts. These stages are so hard that you’ll need to earn 100 stars before you can even unlock them, so get a move on! Reaching the end of even the first stage is a tough task, and getting through the lot will test your skills to their limits. There are tons of devious traps, spike pits and swinging blades that will attempt to give your rider a quick divorce from his life, and even a giant spider or two (sorry, arachnophobes!) Can you finish all ten levels?

We’ve also got a new bike for sale, Infernando. As with all our other bikes, you can unlock Infernando for free, but to do so you’ll need to earn three stars (or pumpkins, as they are known here) on all ten of the new levels. We aren’t exaggerating when we say this is the hardest challenge Bike Rivals has seen to date. However, Infernando both looks awesome and has great stats, so all the effort  you put in will be worth it in the end!

The Halloween level pack is available NOW for Bike Rivals on both iOS and Android. We hope you enjoy them, and have a spooky Halloween!

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  1. In 8 Ball it would be nice if you would let us load our own cues, so much for Force, Aim, Spin, Time.

    Some of the cues I got in good faith I can’t cover the 50 shot price tag unless I play in the 10,000p to 50,000p games.

  2. Since the Halloween update the game nowlags & causes me to crash in the game. It’s even worst when trying to play the Halloween courses. Please fix this lag so I can continue playing this game. Otherwise I’ll have to delete it.

  3. I’ve finally completed the Halloween stage. The hardest part is trying to beat stage 8. Well played guys.
    I’ve also had more crashes since the update after Halloween one. (the one that changed the cost of trying again from a fuel bar to money.

  4. My kid saw the Infernando bike and had to have it so I played and played and finally got the 30 pumpkins. Didn’t do me much good though cause now every time I try to use it the game crashes. It definitely crashed more after the Halloween update too but with the Infernando bike selected can’t even get to the race. Has anyone else had this problem and is there a way to fix it?

  5. Hey guys, I just wanted to address a couple of issues I’ve been having with Bike Rivals. First off, I want to let you know I think it’s an excellent game. That being said…
    1) My multiplayer wins don’t match my multiplayer wins at the store.
    2) The forks on the Infernando occasionally collapse lifting the front wheel higher than the ground. Once that happens you might as well hit restart.
    Thanks for producing a quality game. I know there’s some bugs to work out, I’ll be patient.

  6. I’m finally got all 270 stars and all 30 pumpkins. All I am doing now is playing to unlock the rest of the bikes. Reading the individual bike requirements to unlock, I noticed that to unlock Dynamite I need to earn 35 of 36 achievements. The 36th achievement is unlock Dynamite. So, the only way to unlock Dynamite is to unlock all of the other bikes first. This includes unlocking SuperDuke R. SuperDuke R is unlocked after 45 days of consecutive play, earning all 270 stars and watching 120 ads.
    What I want to know is why must it be necessary to unlock the best bike in order to unlock a bike that is inferior? It doesn’t make sense. Dynamite should be unlocked after 30 achievements, not 35. You have made Dynamite the hardest bike to unlock. Even harder than SuperDuke R. Does KTM know that their “official” bike isn’t the final bike to be unlocked? For some reason, I think KTM wanted SuperDuke R to be the best bike that is the hardest to earn. Not for it to be reduced to a stepping stone on the path to the actual “Holy Grail” of bikes, Dynamite.

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