Leagues in 8 Ball Pool

You may have already seen this new feature teased on our Facebook and Twitter pages – but now it’s time to give you all the details ahead of leagues landing in 8 Ball Pool!

Leagues, huh? What’s that?

Leagues are an addition to the Weekly Competitions that were released on 8 Ball Pool mobile earlier this year. They’re another way for you to win a ton of Pool Cash and Pool Coins but, best of all, each league will be customized for each player.

How will that work, you ask? Read on!

Leagues are a new feature coming to 8 Ball Pool.

Leagues are a new feature coming to 8 Ball Pool.

Welcome to My League

You’ll find the My League tab in the Weekly Competition section of 8 Ball Pool. In here, you’ll see the other 8 Ball Pool players who make up your league. These players have been assigned to your league based on your own level in the game, plus your own coin balance – the game will match you up against players similar to yourself, to make the playing field as fair as possible.

We wanted to give more people more chance to win – so your league will have a much smaller number of other players than the Country or Global leaderboards.

In your league, you’ll be ranked on your total weekly winnings. Every week, the top 3 players in your league win a prize.

Climb the leagues for bigger prizes

There are 10 different league tiers for you to play in, each one based on your level. So if you’re just starting out in 8 Ball Pool, you’ll be playing in the Brass League, but if you’re a level 20 player you’ll be competing in the Gold League. Get yourself into the Level 100 Club and there’s 200 Pool Cash to be won for topping your individual league!

Remember, each week you’ll be competing against other players who will have similar level and coin balances to yourself. You can climb into a higher tier by earning XP and levelling up: you earn XP every time you play a game, but you get more for winning than losing. Winning tournaments earns you the maximum XP, with more XP for winning a high-ranking tournament than a low-ranking one. For more information about experience points, levels and ranks, check out this blog post.

Important info

Here’s some other important bits you’ll need to know:

  • All In matches don’t count towards the total weekly winnings
  • If you play the same opponent more than once in the same week, only the winnings from the first match are counted.
  • You can only move into a new tier at the end of a week, even if you level up during a week. You’ll stay in that tier until the week comes to an end, then be in the higher tier the following week.

Claim your prize!

At the end of the week, come back to see if you’ve finished in the top 3! You need to open the app to claim your prize – so don’t miss out!

When can I play this?

Soon! We’ll bring you more news about the arrival of this update in the coming weeks – keep an eye on our Facebook page and the official 8 Ball Pool Twitter feed for all the latest info.

Got any questions about how leagues will work in 8 Ball Pool? Comment below!

119 replies

      • What is league n i cant see that league option in my mobile.. does it comes simply in weekly competition list? Or have to play something like tournament n all for it?

        • Yeah what Muhammad says? Lol ! Leagues….and how come i dont have same access on ipad as i do on pc? My pc is broke and i cant have my own table etc or the same FRIENDS ???
          But this game……tree….mend….disssss!

          Cant get enough!!!!

  1. “If you play the same opponent more than once in the same week, only the winnings from the first match are counted.”

    The first match, or first rack/frame?

    • As with the Weekly Competitions, it’s the first rack/frame against the same opponent that counts. You can still rematch and play more racks of course, but any winnings from those won’t count towards your league standing.

  2. i wanted to ask you a question that how many players were in one league? is the league have limited players or unlimited?

    • It will be a limited number of players in each league, and the same number for each player. We’ll be able to confirm that number pretty soon 🙂

    • Hi Luis – please contact mcgam.es/support- with this and we’ll fix it for you. Please provide your user ID number when you submit the request 🙂

      • I’m pretty sure I won my league last night as I was 600,000 ahead when I went to bed but I’ve logged on and when I check ‘last weeks results’ it shows the week before that and there’s no sign of my winning 75 bundles!!!!

  3. Hey ben, I have ~250 billion coins, can you all extend the total winnings number so that it doesn’t cap out at 2.147 billion, no one else can see that I have that many! And raise the total all in back up to 1 billion, or please extend too 1 trillion. Would appreciate response! “THE Pool GOD”

    • Zach I have a question 4 U . How do you do that you earn enough coins in this game surely even if win for him to still 1 vs 1 in Paris it is not possible to earn 3 billion let alone 250 … after some time to lose.

  4. Hey Ben, I made a comment about the total winnings number not being able to post beyond 2.147 billion. Please pass on the request to inflate that value 2 or 3 more digits please! Thanks for your time!

  5. I think that this game is teaching everyone who plays the wrong way to play a respectable game. If you actually go play a game or to at a pool hall and see how its.played you wouldn’t.want to play this version. This game takes all the fun of playing pool. It cheats, it sucks. Whoever plays this doesn’t know how to play the game and if they do know how to play they will agree with me about this game.

    • lol nice one . yes there are some idiot things in this game cant even play a normal safe ball on this game cos u always have to hit a rail. ore they just play your balls in so u have to free their balls and more off this crap.

  6. Attention, 8 Ballers!

    It looks like some of you temporarily had your balances reset. If yours still hasn’t returned to normal, please close the app completely and then re-open it. Your coins should be returned.

    If this does not happen, please contact our Support team who will be able to help you:


    Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

  7. Is it just me but I pls this game on pc cos I have windows phone. On my tournaments the highest one is the red tournament where you win 60.000. Is there higher pay tournaments on pc,do I have to update? Seems weird you can play 1v1 for a million but my highest winning tournament available is for 60,000

  8. Hi Sir, i use this app regularly & last 2 weeks i play with new version i.e leagu added. But unfortuntely i cant win weekly prize although i am top on the friend list with big margin.
    Please tell me what the problem with it or fix it early please.
    plz reply soon

  9. Why can’t you also win the prize amongst your friends? Is it the league and the league itself? In my league the first 3 players make millions of coins it’s time! How am I supposed to compete with them when I make ~80000 pools coins? It’s not fair! You took away my prize among my friends! Give it back!

  10. Why is it there are only a couple of people on my friends list I am unable to send a challenge to? Is the new leagues update not available on all devices yet and if not when will the updates be sent out for pc ect??? Please reply

  11. Hi I have a question. Why do not you play a tournament in Monaco for two with a friend. And how it is possible that some players have won the two billion coins in total wins. How is this possible?

  12. Your account has been temporarily blocked for the following reason: Posted an inappropriate facebook image.

    You will be able to access your account again in 6 days.
    anyone can help plz

  13. I just played all or nothing 8Blackpool the person I was playing was rated 15 DR_1991 but he played like a professional, nothing like a 15 rated player, I lost $65,897.
    It is not so much the money but I do not like cheats, what can you do about this cheat, he needs to be put up as a professional or taken off

  14. I have coins mysteriously disappear. I just played a 2500 coin game and when it was over, I noticed that I was missing over a 100,000 coins.

    • Can you still collect your my league winnings if you do not collect them at the end of the week ?? Or will they disappear ??

  15. When exactly do you need to claim your weekly winnings???? I placed in my friends and I was on the app at the time of the ending of the weekly competition and didn’t receive any coins? Help

  16. I already won the amethyst and the color changed…. but there just the color if the star changes the cash money didn’t appear for each level

  17. Ive won the silver in my league and cant claim the damn 51000 coins. Useless forums say open game to claim… what bloody game? Really annoying.

  18. I have completed 2nd in my league, I was meant to be paid 20cash. But today when I opened the app, I didn’t get anything, I was promoted to sapphire league from the platinum league. N if I read the last week result button it says I didn’t play last week! ???
    What shall I do now?

  19. Mini Clip brags that it has (no doubt) MILLIONS of players. So why are leagues such a big deal? Only the top 3 get anything out of it. And only those that have that kind of cash can play those high stakes. What can you offer the great majority of your players? Come on Ben have your team put on their big boy pants and big girl shoes and offer something for all. Your response will be appreciated.

  20. Hello there. I have a really important question. If you manage to climb 2 leagues in one week, at the end of that week will you get the achievement only for your current league or you will get achiev from the first league you have climbed aswell?

  21. I have an interesting question,
    many players are leaving to enter the league on Sunday, just hours before the league ends.
    if I enter the league on Saturday, a player can go on Sunday in the same league that I am?

  22. Hello sir , i am in trouble i win the league with 103m but cash 150 not added in my account i have an error like ( There are not result available since you didnot play last weak) what kind of error is that i am waitning for you reply thanks

  23. Help me with this stuff
    If ill open my acc after 3-4 days after the league ends.
    Will i get my award then or it will be lost
    Please help me with this stuff

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