New features in MiniSoccer

MiniSoccer is a fast and fun multiplayer soccer game that launched on Miniclip earlier this year, and has built up a big following of players eager to show off their footballing skills to the rest of the world! We’ve been gathering your feedback and have been releasing some new features along the way – now we want to tell you what’s going on behind the scenes to make MiniSoccer even better.

Use the Quick Play button to get straight into a game.

Use the Quick Play button to get straight into a game.

Quick play puts you straight into the action

One of the biggest bits of feedback we had from MiniSoccer players was to make it quicker and easier to join a game. With the Quick Play button, you can now do just that. One click of the button and you’ll be whisked into the best available game room without having to browse through the lobby to find a match.

Of course, MiniSoccer still has all the customization options you’re used to – you can set up your own public or private room, choose how many players per side, turn AI goalkeepers on/off – but you now have the option to jump straight into a game too if you’re in a rush to score some goals.

Cheer your team on from the sidelines!

Cheer your team on from the sidelines!

Spectator Mode

You’ve always been able to watch matches taking place in MiniSoccer, but we’ve revamped this feature so that you actually appear in the stands while you’re watching! You can use emotes to cheer on your team, jump around and throw off a shower of fireworks.

If you hit quickplay, you may find yourself as a spectator at first. You can carry on watching, or click Play to join the game.

Oval pitch

We’ve also added a whole new pitch layout to MiniSoccer – the brand new round-cornered pitches add a new dimension to games. These have been added as an option for players who’ve told us that they get frustrated on the occasions when the ball gets stuck in the corner. These new angles present a new challenge and should keep the game flowing even more.

Of course, it’s optional whether you want to play with the classic or round-cornered pitches – and there’s a voting mechanic in every room so you can choose which you want to play.

Bigger goals

Experienced players may already have noticed that we’ve made the goals a little bigger, to make MiniSoccer more high-scoring and exciting. Remember though, that even though the goals are slightly bigger, it’s the same conditions for all players and all teams – so you’ll still need skill to win.

The ball won't get stuck in the corner because... this pitch has no corners.

The ball won’t get stuck in the corner because… this pitch has no corners.

More realistic goalkeepers

As well as increasing the size of the goals, we’ve also tweaked the AI of MiniSoccer’s elite goalkeepers. They’re still tough to score past, even with the bigger goals, but they now react more realistically to where the ball is on the pitch. This means that if you play cleverly and as a team, you can pass the ball around the goalkeeper, catch them out of position and score a tap-in.

We want your feedback!

There’s also plenty of performance-tweaking that’s gone on behind the scenes to make MiniSoccer a smoother and more enjoyable game, but these are some of the main new features that you can now use in the game.

But! We’d love your feedback on the latest version of MiniSoccer. Things you love, things you want to see more of, things you think could be improved further – anything at all that you’d like our MiniSoccer developers to know about. Just leave a comment below and join the discussion!