Supercar Showdown – first look

Supercar Showdown is a brand new multiplayer racing game coming to, and its one of our favourite releases in a long time. Inspired by old school top-down racers, fans of classic games like Micro Machines will feel right at home.

The game can be played with either traditional button controls (forward, back and steering, easy enough) or mouse controls, clicking to accelerate and moving the cursor to change your direction. Either method works just fine, and it’s up to you which you choose! (We prefer buttons, but then we are pretty old-school.)

Each race can be tackled in either single or multiplayer. Multiplayer sees you facing off with the ghosts of other players in asynchronous challenges, so you can race your friends even if they aren’t currently online! Up to 8 players can race together at any one time, leading to chaos on the roads! Try not to crash!

As you work your way from race to race, you’ll unlock brand new cars as well as parts to customize them with, changing the paint job, rims, lights and more. You can also tune up your vehicle, increasing its speed, handling and body strength to perform even better in races.

There is a bunch more information to be shared on Supercar Showdown before release, so keep an eye on the Miniclip blog to find out even more about your new favourite racing game! Remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news!