Friends system, activity feed & more!

What is life without friends? It’s something we’ve been asking ourselves recently, and now we can tell you why!¬† has received a big update behind the scenes that adds a ton of new and exciting social features. The first of these are rolling out now, while many more are still to come. Now, let’s go through what has already launched:



Firstly, the new friends system! This is pretty simple if you’ve played video games in the last decade. Friending another player adds them to your friends list, an easy way to keep track of the people you are close to. Don’t worry if you are being friended by people you don’t want to though – it’s very easy to block other players and avoid unwanted attention.

You can now search for players in exactly the same way you do games. Type their name or their unique player ID number into the search bar (the same one you use for games!) and you’ll be able to find them.



Another new feature is the Activity Feed, a running ticker on the right hand side of every game page that lets you know what your friends and other players are up to on Miniclip. Keep an eye on it and who knows, you might see somebody beating your highscore or even discover some cool new games. If the Activity Feed distracts you however, there is an easy pause button that stops it in its tracks.



Finally, your profile page now features a Timeline that gives you an easy glance at what you’ve been doing on Miniclip recently. Games played, awards earned, scores logged and more will appear in this look back at previous gaming glories. Played a game a while back but don’t remember its name? Just check your Timeline! You can also visit the profiles of other players and see what they have been up to, an easy way to keep track of your friends.

The best news of all is that this is just phase one of our huge update. Even more new social features are on the way to help you connect with your friends and fellow gamers.