8 Ball Pool Leagues: out now!

Leagues are out now on 8 Ball Pool on iOS, Android and Amazon devices! Get the latest update for the game and start winning some matches to climb up your league. Get into the top 3 and a prize bonus is yours at the end of the week!

Each league is your league: 300 players who’ve been matched with you based on your own level and coin balance. This ensures that each league is as competitive as possible, giving everyone a fighting chance of getting that prize.

You may also have noticed that your level star has a new design to it – this is based on which league tier you currently sit in. The only way to climb up into new leagues is by earning XP in the game and increasing your level. Higher leagues have bigger prizes to win.

At the end of every week, your league season will end and a new one will begin. If you’ve levelled-up enough to move into a higher league, you’ll be promoted!

Got a question about the new leagues in 8 Ball Pool? Check out this blog post which has everything you need to know. Or, hit the comments and tell us what you think! Good luck!

Get the 8 Ball Pool update on iOS

Get the 8 Ball Pool update on Android

Get the 8 Ball Pool update on Amazon

Get into the top 3 in your 8 Ball Pool league to win!

Get into the top 3 in your league to win!