8 Ball Pool Leagues: out now!

Leagues are out now on 8 Ball Pool on iOS, Android and Amazon devices! Get the latest update for the game and start winning some matches to climb up your league. Get into the top 3 and a prize bonus is yours at the end of the week!

Each league is your league: 300 players who’ve been matched with you based on your own level and coin balance. This ensures that each league is as competitive as possible, giving everyone a fighting chance of getting that prize.

You may also have noticed that your level star has a new design to it – this is based on which league tier you currently sit in. The only way to climb up into new leagues is by earning XP in the game and increasing your level. Higher leagues have bigger prizes to win.

At the end of every week, your league season will end and a new one will begin. If you’ve levelled-up enough to move into a higher league, you’ll be promoted!

Got a question about the new leagues in 8 Ball Pool? Check out this blog post which has everything you need to know. Or, hit the comments and tell us what you think! Good luck!

Get the 8 Ball Pool update on iOS

Get the 8 Ball Pool update on Android

Get the 8 Ball Pool update on Amazon

Get into the top 3 in your 8 Ball Pool league to win!

Get into the top 3 in your league to win!

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  1. In 8 ball, when it is your turn, why does the comment “Waiting for your opponent’s response. Do not leave the game”. What response when it’s my turn??!

    • Doug, it is because your opponent is not currently “in the game”. They may have hit their home button, or received a call or something, and are given a certain amount of time to get back into the app to resume their current game.

    • Since today’s update, I have won 3 games on the 10k table and have not received either the experience or the coins.
      The game just returns me to the home screen.
      Can this be put right please?

      • If you leave the reward (winner) screen before you are awarded, you lose the coins and experience. IOW, You can’t just move from game to game, you have to wait to receive the coins and experience.

      • I’m having sorry of the same problem I stay a game and it takes my money and puts me on home screen doors it in tournament to I’m going to delete this game if it keeps happening

    • I have been banned to play 8 ball pool for 6 days for something I never did,now the 6 days passed and I still cannot play,Can I know why please?I never posted anything inapprpriate,I just play the game.

    • Its bcoz… his or her network is unstable.. so wait for him to come… if u wil leave coz of irritation den he wil win

  2. Love this game! Physics of ball movement are the best I’ve seen for video game pool. I like the challenge of playing real people & the system of advancement moves along nicely without the pay to play requirements for the game to function as seen in most other app games. ONLY complaint is that one of the premium cues I bought with pool cash earned through rank advancement changed into a similar cue that is normally bought with coins (costs way more to recharge for the same attributes). Also, over 3000 coins just disappeared recently. Wish I could get that stuff back. Maybe somebody will get back to me on it, but I’m not holding my breath! Awesome game, other than those annoyances.

  3. After update my played games and won games rose about with 200 in total and my winning % went down by 3% . Why???
    Why did the number of games changed?!?!?!

  4. Just started a game and not for the of rist time the apponent pots the black ball from the break then like majick the black reapears on its spot come on if you can’t play this great game by the rules then dont take the ????

  5. I have updated the app but it won’t load crashes every time, have deleted it and re-installed, I am using an original iPad. Any ideas?

  6. Hey! I play this game and I love it,but my brother has iPad 1 and after the last update the app crashes all the time! What happened? Can you fix that problem,because we can’t play together anymore? Thanks!

  7. Last update has delete my coins!!!!
    Before i had 700.000 !
    I use my Facebook account for connection.
    Can you solve ???

  8. How do I change my picture in the game on android? I knwo you can do it on the miniclip site but I logged in with my G+ account on my android phone so is there a way to chaneg the picture from there?

  9. Hey Ben, please extend the coin balance post beyond just 2.147 billion on mobile, thanks for your time and would appreciate response please! Thanks

  10. Why is it when I play a game for instance for 100 coin I go in with 1000 I win the when game is over I have 600 coin where did my coin go and this happens more than once

  11. Game became very crashy last week. All my coins vanished.
    I installed latest update and the game wouldn’t load at all.
    Today I deleted the game and reinstalled it but it still won’t load!
    What is going on?

  12. Ben, would like to mention the coin balance and the total winnings capping out at 2.147 billion. Please extend the # of digits by two to view up to one trillion so that you know more about your opponents ability. Thanks for your time!

  13. Ever since the up date I keep getting kick out saying my connection was lost. My connection was on full bars and everything else works but your game. 8 ball pool.

  14. I’m absolutely gutted I had 3.3 million in winnings at level 85 played a 2.5k game was on a win streak of 8 it glitched and all my winning are gone I’m so disappointed after months of playing could the developer please rectifiy this or contact me !!!!

  15. Hi

    Do you know if you have 8 ball pool on the iPad and then you get a Samsung Galaxy tab lite if you can transfer the app across ?

    • Hi Helen, as long as you’ve created an account (or use your Facebook / Google+ login) then you can play 8 Ball Pool across multiple devices and keep all your stats/items.

  16. It’s cool and all, but I really wanna be able to pick what kinda game i play with my friends online (desktop). It’d be great to have call pockets and guidelines options when challenging. 🙂

  17. How do you collect winnings on league? I entered the game through the miniclip app as stated in the rules and no winnings. I came in first among league and friends. Please help me please help

  18. Since 2 weeks of last update I havent got friends weekly winning..also today when I opened the app to collect weekly winning it said I did not played a single game even. Although I played and won games. Can u let me know how to claim it?

  19. who do I contact this is the second week In A row that I’ve been first in my friends group and have not gotten my coins and it acts like I didn’t even play wth is going on ???

  20. I would like to suggest, 8 Ball Pool game should be played with real money, there should be an option for players who want to bet with real money, that way it will become more interesting. I think there is a way out for players who wants to play with betting.

  21. I lost all my money… I have about $50.000 and now $0. What can i do for rocover it ???… Please help me. The game restart whitout money.

  22. Had enough now play at level 64 over 3 million coins 3 games in 250k 1st level 26 lost 2nd 125 lost 3rd 18 lost how u can say it is fair that u will play people on same level. Last game with level 18 should not have been at the same table as me or level 26 this is happening all the time i am getting pissed of now sort it out or i am going to close all 4 of my accounts THANK YOU BOBN

  23. 8 ball pool is a great game to play when you got a few minutes of free time during the day. My only complaint is the chatting, it would be nice to have words to use like. That was a terrible break, you have no idea what your doing do you, that was sloppy, you play like crap, etc. We are not all molly mormon and it would be nice to say such things to the people who deserve it.

  24. I play this non stop my favorite game to play is 8 ball pool but lately if I win on my spin I don’t get my prize which yesterday was the lucky 8 ball cue.And I also spun and it landed in 50000 and it didn’t post to my 8 ball pool coins..I would give 5 stars n tell ALL my friends if I got my prizes n coins.. 😉 until then a 4. I will continue to play n hope u fix this.I Love the game.

  25. So yesterday I was top of the weekly league with somewhere in the region of 7,000,000 coins earned. I thought I was going to win my platinum league.

    Today I logged in to find I have not won but in fact came 4th with 551,200 coins and 1st place has 3,060,000 coins?

    My coin total is the same in the friends weekly league (551,200) and I notice my friends also seem to have a lot less coins than they did before.

    What happened?

  26. Really like this game about to delete it tho, last 2 days keep loosing coins during a game when I haven’t lost played Sydney just b4 lost but coins went from 17350 to 16350 ???? Don’t mind losing to players but if game isn’t working right gets me well annoyed

  27. someone help i just arrived at level 28 and i just discover that i not receive the bronze star the other stars i receive but not the bronze star, why someone should know

  28. 8 ball pool is really a wonderfull game but thing dat I’m avoid wit is I’m supposed to be in silver league now but I’m still in brass league and Im also in level 15. I just wanna know how can I get into the silver league????

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