Supercar Showdown Contest Winners

Get ready, racers! Supercar Showdown is almost here. We ran a contest to put YOU in the game… and we can now reveal our 18 Miniclip players who’ve made it in!

In Supercar Showdown, you’ll be racing not only against the “ghosts” of your friends, but also eighteen computer-controlled racers. There’s Dirk Knight, Marty McDrive, Tim Cruise, Fin Diesel, Maniac Max and thirteen other drivers who you’ll be going up against – and it’s these drivers that were the basis of our contest.

We were looking for YoMes that went well with the names and character descriptions we gave for each one – and we’re now ready to unveil the eighteen Miniclip players who’ll be “starring” as our computer-controlled opponents!

Drum roll please…

Supercar Showdown Contest Winners

The 18 winners of our Supercar Showdown contest!

Supercar Showdown Winners

Supercar Showdown, out soon, now starring…

XPhantomX21 as DIRK KNIGHT!


DriveClub78 as OPTIMUS DRIVE!

Gecko_Maniac as BERRIS FUELLER!

agitated_potato as DUKE HAZARD!

Chavman0837 as SMOKEY BANDIT!

haroon2876 as FIN DIESEL!

horseflyman2 as MARTY MCDRIVE!

AngryHamster101 as STARTSKEY CLUTCH!

dabestest89 as GHUST RIDER!


adammusolf11 as DA PHANTOM!

DexterFuntime as EVIL KNIEVIL!

Wolfish_Rabble2 as MANIAC MAX!

ParodicDepth as SPUD RACER!

MLGWaffle as DA STIG!


and last but by no means least, please welcome cuepest as TIM CRUISE!

A huge thank you to everyone who entered our contest!

Supercar Showdown is receiving its final tune-ups at the moment. Check out the teaser trailer below, and look out for an exclusive interview with the game’s developers in the next week or so. Make sure you’re a fan of the Miniclip Facebook page, and that you follow us on Twitter, to get all the latest Supercar Showdown news.