Bike Rivals Christmas Update – coming soon!

Happy Christmas, everyone! We hope you have finished all the Halloween levels in Bike Rivals, because it’s already time for the next FREE level pack! This time we’ve got 15 brand new Christmas-themed levels for you to race through, as well as a new bike to unlock, new power-ups and new multiplayer leaderboards!



First of all, the levels. To unlock the Christmas levels you’ll need to collect 16 pumpkins from the Halloween stages, and win 5 multiplayer matches in a row. Once you are in, get ready to race through a snowy winter wonderland – or at least, a wonderland full of spikes, exploding barrels, bottomless pits and a dim-witted yeti who doesn’t know his own strength. Hang on, did we say yeti? You’ll have to play to find out! (But yes, we did say yeti.)



We’ve also got a new bike, the Christmas Bike, ridden by the big daddy himself, Santa Claus! Just like in the Halloween pack, if you can earn 3 stars (or “presents”, as we are calling them in this festive season) on every new stage, you’ll unlock the Christmas Bike for absolutely free. It has candy cane wheels, for goodness sake – you need this bike in your life.


Also introduced in this update are power-ups. You can now purchase and use helmet and super nitro items to give yourself an advantage on the track. Helmets will save your rider from the first knock to the head they take on that particular run – essentially, an extra life! They won’t save you from everything: hit some spikes or fall down a whole and you are still done, but any bump to the head is erased by this handy helmet.

Super nitro is simple to explain: it’s like nitro, but more super! Unleashing in a blast of green flame, super nitro will fling your forward at extreme speed, perfect for setting a new time on the leaderboard.



Finally, we’ve got new multiplayer leaderboards! You ranking is based on your multiplayer wins, and resets every week. We’ve split the rankings into friends and global boards – can you possibly win both? The global leaderboardĀ isn’t actually the whole world in oneĀ – we’ll put you up against a maximum of 1000 players from around the world so you can test your skills!

Finish in the top 5 of your global leaderboard and you’ll win a prize! Helmets, super nitro or a free tank refill – the higher you finish, the more you’ll win!

All these amazing new features are coming to Bike Rivals very soon! We hope you enjoy them and have a fantastic Christmas!