Challenge Mode coming to Soccer Stars!

Soccer Stars is already brilliant, but it’s about to become even better with an incredible new update. We are happy to introduce your own personal football coach: Tony Star!

Tony will give you challenges to try and complete as you play Soccer Stars, and doing so will award you with awesome prizes! These missions will be tasks such as scoring a certain amount of goals, winning a number of matches, playing in tournaments and so on. You’ll be able to complete them over the course of several games – don’t think you have to do it all in one go!



Each challenge is time-sensitive, giving you a certain amount of days to complete the task as best you can. As you do so, you’ll see a bar gradually fill, representing your progress. There are checkpoints along the bar, and each time you hit one you’ll earn some sweet, sweet coins. If you can fully complete the challenge and fill the bar, you’ll win an even better prize: maybe a silver or gold Surprise Pack, or perhaps even an exclusive team!

Tony Star and his challenges will give Soccer Stars fans even more to enjoy, as well as rewarding tons of prizes! It’s coming in the next update, so keep an eye out for it and get ready to give 100% for your coach!

Also coming in this update is a brand new competition tier which is only available during the Christmas period, so play it while you can!


All this and plenty more will be coming to Soccer Stars soon! As always, keep an eye on the Soccer Stars Facebook page for all the latest info about the game. Now, let’s play!

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  1. Why is connection to Soccer so slow? I have been winning many games and then it drops and I loose the game. Can your server handle the load? Better get this fixed! My internet connection is excellent.

  2. Please add some fair play rules. Its not fun when your opponent pushes your discs away all the time. Iv read the reviews in app store and alot of people are frustrated and complaining about it. Why dont you listen? This game is not fun anymore. Opponents who hit your discs with no reason should be banned or punished in the match. Here are some rules that can helo
    Rule 1: every player must hit the ball in anyway. If player does not hit the ball, his opponent gets two turns in a row.
    Rule 2: if a player hits his opponents disc without hitting the ball. Its a foul play and player get a yellow card. 2 yellow cards mean player looses by tech.
    Please consider those rules and listen to your customers

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