Supercar Showdown – Tips and Tricks

Supercar Showdown is our brand-new top-down multiplayer racing game: choose your car and hit the track across tons of twisting, obstacle-packed courses. As well as taking on our eighteen AI-controlled racers (avatars provided by the winners of a recent contest), you can also take on up to seven real drivers from around the world.

Supercar Showdown is a huge game packed with features that will help you beat out the competition and become the greatest driver on the globe. We’ve put together some tips and tricks to help you get onto that podium time after time.

Drive straight for a Turbo Boost

Racing drivers know that when they hit a straight bit of track, they can put their foot to the floor and get up to max speed. In Supercar Showdown, you’ll get a small speed boost whenever you keep your car straight for a second or two, shown by the small light trails coming out of the back of your car. This can be the difference between winning or losing a race – just be careful not to overshoot the next corner and undo all your good work.

You use one Turbo Boost bar with every race, so make sure you keep them topped up to have the best chance of finishing in the top three. You can also spend some of your winnings in the Shop to increase your max Turbo Boosts to 10, and reduce the cost of topping up.

Drive straight to use your turbo boost.

Drive straight to use your turbo boost.

Grab Pickups to give you the edge

Supercar Showdown isn’t just about finding a perfect racing line and drifting round corners: there are also Pickup Items to look out for as you drive. There are four in total: the Repair Spanner repairs some of the damage your car might have suffered during the race, and the Turbo Boost gives you a short speed boost when you grab it.

The EMP Shield protects your car from Tesla hazards… and can be used to stun other cars. Finally, the Laser Target calls in an orbital laser to take out the leading car in the race. If you happen to be in first place when you pick this one up, it’ll target the rider in second. But if someone else grabs it while you’re leading, watch out! You’ll see some cross-hairs on the track in front of you. Dodge round them and you’ll be fine, but drive under them and prepare to get fried.

Look out for Pickups like the Repair Spanner to fix up your car mid-race.

Look out for Pickups like the Repair Spanner to fix up your car mid-race.

Win, upgrade, win, upgrade, win, upgrade

Your starting car will be good enough to win the first two races, but if you want to see everything that Supercar Showdown has to offer – and keep finishing on the podium – you’re going to need to spend some of your winnings on upgrades. There are multiple things you can buy: as you progress you’ll unlock new and better cars, which in turn can be upgraded using the Tune Up button on the main menu. Each car comes with its own base-level stats for Speed, Strength and Steering which in turn can be maxed out to different levels. The top-end cars have higher max stats than the lower-end ones.

On top of that, you can also purchase Boosts & Upgrades from the Store. These come in two flavours: the In-Race Boosters like Pro Sponsor and Pro Mechanic are temporary buffs that let you earn more cash, XP, and give faster respawn if you’re a reckless driver. These only last for one race.

However, there are also some Permanent Upgrades that apply permanent improvements to your game, like increased car strength, discounts on all cars in the garage, and more Turbo Boosts. These cost a little more cash than the In-Race Boosters but you’ll definitely see the benefit: we recommend grabbing yourself one of these as soon as you’ve built up enough cash.

Got some cash in the bank? Tuning up your car is the way to go.

Got some cash in the bank? Tuning up your car is the way to go.

Don’t crash

General life advice: running into other objects – whether you’re in a high-powered sportscar, on a unicycle or simply jogging along – is never a good idea. This is true of Supercar Showdown too: your car has a Strength gauge which you can see hovering over the back of it during a race. This represents how much damage you can take from the track, bashing into other cars, or the various obstacles that you’ll encounter. Take too much damage and… boom.

Fortunately, you’ve got your own pit repair crew, and they’re mighty fast at getting you back into the action even if they do charge for the repair job. All the same, a couple of seconds of crash-time can really mess up your race, so our best piece of advice is: don’t crash.

Crashing. Don't do it, folks.

Crashing. Don’t do it, folks.

Take on the multiplayer challenge

In Supercar Showdown, you can race against the ghosts of the best times recorded by other players from around the world. Winning will give you XP, which not only gives you badges and glory but also unlocks elite paint jobs for your cars. Nothing says “I’m the best in the world” like an elite paint job.

Because you’re racing against other players’ ghosts, you may notice that the other cars seem to “jump” and catch up with you as they cross the start line. This is because all the ghosts have started in the same position on the grid, but rather than have them stacked up on top of each other (seriously, that would look weird) we put them in a grid formation. Once they’re all across the line, they reappear in their “correct” position and the race is on!

You can manually add Top Drivers from a list, or add as many Random Drivers as you’d like. Or, just hit Quick Race and the game will automatically add some other drivers to your game. You can even turn on your own ghost to see how you compare to your previous performance. Bear in mind that the more drivers you go up against, the higher the XP that you can earn for winning.

Take on up to seven other players from around the world in multiplayer mode.

Take on up to seven other players from around the world in multiplayer mode.

Pimp your ride

There’s tons of ways to make your car stand out from the pack – after all, there’s winning, and then there’s winning in style. As you progress through Supercar Showdown you’ll unlock various prizes that allow you to customize your car in the Pimp Car section of the Garage, including Custom Tires, Lights, Sirens and Turbo. Unlike the Tune Car upgrades, these are purely for show and don’t actually improve the performance of your car – but come on, they’re pretty sweet, right?

They won't help you win, but they DO look awesome.

They won’t help you win, but they DO look awesome.

Know the road

Supercar Showdown is a game where practice really makes a difference. As a top-down racer, you won’t be able to see too much of the track at once, so getting to know the twists and traps of each course can help you be ready next time you race. Playing multiplayer games can really help here, as you can observe other drivers and check out their own moves (and then try and copy them next time round).

That’s a wrap for our Supercar Showdown tips! If you’ve got anything else you want to share with other players, post it in the comments below. In the meantime, let’s hit the track and play Supercar Showdown!