Our Best Games of 2014 – vote for your favourite!

2014 was one of the biggest years yet on Miniclip, and saw the launch of some of our all-time most popular games. We’ve managed to whittle them down to our 10 best games from the year – now it’s your chance to vote for your favourite! Click here to see the list and cast your vote, read on to find out a bit more about the games and why they were chosen, or let Sam talk you through then in our new video.

We’ve listed the games below in alphabetical order – check back soon to find out their final standings from your votes!

Game #1 – AdVenture Capitalist

Adventure capitalist

AdVenture Capitalist is almost certainly our most addictive game of 2014, and one of the most-played of all our games over the last year. Not bad considering it only came out in November! This game is all about making your fortune. You start out selling good ol’ fashioned lemonade, but make the right business decisions and you could soon find yourself raking in billions of dollars from oil companies, banks, movie studios and more. Start your business empire now and see how much you can make!

Game #2 – Bike Rivals


Bike Rivals is a crazy stunt racing game: zip through levels in as fast a time possible while looping the loop, leaping over chasms, and trying not to get crushed to death by a giant rock. Or pierced on a spike. Or scorched by lava. Bike Rivals is also available for free on iOS and Android devices, where you can unlock new bikes, play even more levels, and even take on your friends in multiplayer races.

Game #3 – Bob the Robber 2

Bob the Robber

The sequel to Bob The Robber is a sneaky puzzler: tiptoe your way to steal riches from mob bosses. You’ll have to hide in shadows, dodge security cameras and pick locks on your way to the goal… and then get out without being caught. This was our number 1 puzzle game in 2014, and we loved this summary by one of our YouTube commenters: “Robin Hood, Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil all in one. Bob the Robber is one heck of an anti-hero. He truly does fight for the 99%.” Bob The Robber – what a guy. Play it right here.

Game #4 – Crash ‘n’ Burn

Crash n burn

I can’t lie to you: this is probably the most fun I had playing a Miniclip game in 2014. Driving around a big open city, blowing up everything in your path, finding secret power-ups and launching yourself off ramps and bridges – what’s not to like? For a game in which the goal is basically to destroy as much as you can, in as awesome a way as possible, Crash ‘n’ Burn is actually quite relaxing. Ahhhh.

Game #5 – Man or Monster


We love Man or Monster. It’s got an amazing retro look and feel, with gorgeous voxel cityscapes from around the world including London, Rio de Janeiro, New York City and Moscow. It’s really two games in one: take control of the Man, command armies and zip about in your jetpack as you defend those cities, or unleash the beast and play as a city-stomping Monster! Man or Monster was recently named Best Browser Game at the Dutch Game Awards – play it now!

Game #6 – MiniSoccer

Cheer your team on from the sidelines!

Cheer your team on from the sidelines!

MiniSoccer is all about live multiplayer soccer matches, with up to 6 players at once competing in real-time. Create private rooms with your friends, or jump straight into a random match. Don’t like playing in goal? No problem, just turn on the AI-controlled goalkeepers so you’re free to sprint to the ball and score! MiniSoccer was one of our biggest multiplayer releases of 2014 – get your boots on and join the fun now!

Game #7 – Soccer Physics

soccer physics

Describe Soccer Physics in a single word? Silly. Very, very silly. From the makers of Wrestle Jump and Tug The Table (both daft, hilariously fun games in their own right), you really have to play this game. The whole thing is controlled with just one keyboard key, which means you can play multiplayer matches with your friends and family on the same keyboard. Try and play it without laughing your socks off.

Game #8 – Supercar Showdown

Crashing. Don't do it, folks.

Crashing. Don’t do it, folks.

Rev your engines – it’s Supercar Showdown. This top-down racer screeched onto Miniclip towards the end of 2014, and has quickly become one of your favourite games of the year. Buy and upgrade supercars with your winnings, and compete in multiplayer games against the “ghosts” of other players from around the world. Customize your ride, unlock tons of new tracks and prove your status as the number one driver in the world! Start your Supercar Showdown career right here.

Game #9 – Total Wreckage


Total Wreckage is all about driving very carefully and waving politely to your fellow drivers– wait, no, Total Wreckage is pretty much the exact opposite of that. Crash and smash your way through a series of demolition derbies in this hard-hitting game of vehicular destruction. Set off traps, or hit your turbo boost to do maximum damage to your opponents. This one isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Game #10 – World Soccer Forever

New scenarios present new challenges.

New scenarios present new challenges.

World Soccer Forever is a free-kick face-off. Click and drag with the mouse to take your shot and try and beat the keeper! You’ve got five attempts, and you get extra points for your accuracy, power and how much swerve you can put on the ball. There are tournaments to enter, and other modes to test you skills at: hit targets or practice your passing to create goals for your teammates. World Soccer Forever is another multiplayer game, where you take on the “ghosts” of performances recorded by other players from all around the globe.

There you have it – our ten top games from 2014. Which one is your favourite? Vote now in our poll (it only takes a couple of seconds!) and we’ll have the results for you next week. Play games and have fun!