Your Best Game of 2014

We recently picked our 10 best games of 2014 and asked you to vote on which one was your favourite – now, it’s time for the results!

Your best game of 2014

Thousands of you filled in our survey to pick out your best from last year, and, although every game on our list drew a good amounts of votes, there was one clear winner. Released towards the end of 2014, it’s proved immensely popular with our players and is one of the most-played games on the whole site. The winning game is all about raking in the dollars as you build up your business empire. It is, of course, AdVenture Capitalist!

You start out selling good ol’ fashioned lemonade, but make the right business decisions and you’ll soon be running oil companies, banks, movie studios and more – and earning billions of dollars in the process. Out of our ten games, AdVenture Capitalist drew a whopping 30% of the vote, making it a pretty definitive winner of Miniclip games in 2014. We’re all addicted to it, and even Minecraft creator Notch has been playing it! If you’ve not already tried AdVenture Capitalist, what are you waiting for? Let’s go!


The best of the rest

Taking second place in our list of best games is the fantastic Soccer Physics, which has definitely been a personal favourite since it landed on our site midway through 2014. It’s simply one of the silliest games you’ll ever play, as you control your two players with just a single button and try – somehow – to get the ball in your opponent’s goal. It sounds straightforward but the daft physics (big heads! Tiny goals! Icy pitch!) make it downright hilarious. Best of all, because Soccer Physics only needs one button to play, two players can play using the same keyboard. Grab your friends, your parents, or your grandma and try to play them at Soccer Physics without shaking with laughter.

In a year dominated by the amazing FIFA World Cup in Brazil, it’s no surprise to see another soccer game taking third place in your votes. That game is MiniSoccer, one of our biggest multiplayer games, with up to 6 people able to take to the pitch. Being able to play in private rooms with your friends, or jumping straight into a random match, made this a super-popular game in 2014 and we’re not surprised to see that you voted it so highly.

Rounding out our top 5 is the excellent sneaky puzzler, Bob the Robber 2, and the destructive open-world of Crash ‘n’ Burn. Check out the full list of results below, and head over to Miniclip to play.

Thanks to everyone who voted – enjoy the games!

soccer physics

Best of 2014 – Full Results

1) AdVenture Capitalist

2) Soccer Physics

3) MiniSoccer

4) Bob the Robber 2

5) Crash ‘n’ Burn

6) World Soccer Forever

7) Man or Monster

8) Bike Rivals

9) Supercar Showdown

10) Total Wreckage