Berry Rush Tips & Tricks

Berry Rush is our hit new mobile game out now, based on the world-famous Strawberry Shortcake franchise. Download it HERE on the App Store, HERE on Google Play, HERE on Amazon and HERE on Windows Phone! A hit with children across the globe, that doesn’t mean that Berry Rush is a walk in the park – far from it!

Berry Rush rainbow powerup


While in most endless runners the goal is to simply run as far as possible, in Berry Rush your success is measured more in how many berries and coins you can collect along the way. Obviously you still want to run as far as you can, but avoiding collecting things to reduce danger is sort of missing the point. Grab those berries and coins! But which is better?


As you run, you’ll see both berries and coins to collect. Which is more important? Well, they both buy different things. Berries are used to make awesome cakes and ice cream creations, while coins are used to unlock new characters, pets and outfits. The trick here is that the cakes you make with berries can then be sold for coins – so in a way, berries get you coins as well! If you have to choose between the two, you should therefore prioritize collecting berries. Of course, if possible you should get both!


Coins can also be used to upgrade the special power-ups you can collect as you are running, such as doubling the amount of berries you collect or briefly soaring through the air on a huge butterfly. Upgrading these early is a smart move, as in the long run they make it easier to run further and earn more berries and coins. Spend a bit early to earn a lot later!

Decorate cakes at the end of each run to earn bonuses.

Decorate cakes at the end of each run to earn bonuses.


Each Berry Rush character has a cute pet companion you can buy, and they do more than just look adorable. Every now and then your pet will double the amount of coins you are collecting, making earning big money a breeze. Plus, they just look so incredibly cute!


While you want to avoid running into obstacles, a few of them can actually be jumped on for a bonus coin. If you see something that looks bouncy, like a big cabbage or a red mushroom, try and time your jump so you land ON the obstacle rather than go over it, and you’ll bounce off and earn an extra coin!

Berry Rush is easy to learn but hard to master, so make sure to keep playing, baking cakes and unlocking new characters and outfits! Before long you’ll be a Strawberry Shortcake master!

Remember: download Berry Rush HERE on the App Store, HERE on Google Play, HERE on Amazon and HERE on Windows Phone!