On The Run – gearing up for launch!

If you’ve been waiting patiently for our brilliant new arcade racer, On The Run, thank you! Your patience is soon to be rewarded, as we are finally gearing up for release!

What is On The Run? It’s a brilliant mixture of arcade racer and endless runner that is unlike anything else you’ve played. Your mission is a simple one: drive as far as you can before time runs out! In practice however, doing so is far from easy. Other cars litter the road, and by driving up behind them, you’ll receive a “slipstream” speed bonus. Get too close though and you’ll obviously crash, so keeping a close but careful distance from other cars is the key to achieving high speeds and great distances.

That’s not all of course: you’ll have police hot on your tail, TV helicopters trying to film you and less and less time to get from checkpoint to checkpoint. Once that time runs dry, your run is over. Don’t despair though, as a variety of special vehicles can be unlocked that give you brief spells piloting amazing rides including tanks, monster trucks, planes and even a UFO! These special vehicles are extremely powerful, so always try to pick them up when you can.


Of course, if you’ve been paying close attention over the last few months then you’ll already know all this. But what have we been working on, what is new in the world of On The Run? Well, a few of the things we’ve done recently include:

  • Two brand new stages! “Desert Ride” and “Men At Work” have been developed.
  • New Daily Missions give you chances to win diamonds, fuel and coins every day!
  • Invite your friends to On The Run, overtake them in-game and beat their records!
  • Out of fuel? Now you can exchange fuel with your friends for free!
  • We’ve also been working on major performance improvements and bug fixes, as well as fully optimizing the game for iPhone6 and iPhone 6+!

On The Run is coming very soon, but in case watching the trailer over and over isn’t enough for you, check out our interview with developers HERE. Otherwise, please just wait a tiny bit longer – in no time at all you’ll be blazing down the highway at crazy speeds!