The Best 8 Ball Pool Fan Photos

Assad Sk

Do you play 8 Ball Pool? Do you follow us on Facebook? If so, you’ll probably be familiar with our 8 Baller Of The Week competition! Each week, we choose one of our awesome fans to highlight on the 8 Ball Pool Facebook page, and give them 50 free Pool Cash as a reward!

Want to enter? It’s easy. First, head to the 8 Ball Pool Facebook page here and Like us! Then, send us a Facebook message containing a photo of you playing 8 Ball Pool and your user ID number. Make the photo as interesting, weird or exciting as possible to increase your chances of winning!

Why not take a shot of yourself playing pool while also playing some sport, or cooking some dinner? Get a pic of all your friends playing together, or just you playing in the back of class (it’s not our fault if you get caught!) Get a photo of your dog playing, or hook your phone up to a projector and play a giant version of 8 Ball Pool!  Every Wednesday, we post a new winner to our page, and only the most crazy, out-there entries will make the cut.

Want some examples? Check out some of the best photos we’ve had so far!

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  1. I want to know that when 8 ball pool will come in Windows lumia Mobiles?? please i am using Nokia Lumia but i cant find 8 ball pool.

  2. I don’t really now because ive only just starded playing 8 ball pool on miniclip but ive got to go of no see u tomoz in a bit mate you are a very nice friend to talk to when you have to talk to someone

  3. I don’t understand why we’re not able to send messages between us while we’re playing. I’m using my Kindle Fire HD. I’ve been playing 8Ball for some time now and I use the pre-written things but I would like to be able to use my own words. Is this possible or am I just having a blonde moment? TYVM

        • if you are on mobile … get the app called Memory Boost to clear the cache sometime it helps … I could be wrong but it works for me slightly more than half the the time to get back in the game … Hey MOD at miniclip, correct me if I am wrong or what do you suggest to prevent freeze, lag, etc ?

    • Hi Cindy…….
      Its.crossed my thoughts being able to txt freedom of speech msg between opponents . Unfortunately , when thee need comes to chat it’s because of shot clock sponges shooting at the end of the red band……The things I’d say would surly get me comitted for evaluation.

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