7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About 8 Ball Pool

Ah, 8 Ball Pool. Simplest game in the world: just hit the ball into the pocket. But there are some things that you may not know about our game, even if you’ve played thousands of matches. Even if you eat, sleep and breathe 8 Ball Pool. Yep, here are seven things you probably didn’t know about the beautiful game.

Tap to Aim

In 8 Ball Pool, the closer you get to potting the black ball, the less time you’ll have to line up your shot. In cases like this, Tap to Aim can be the difference between winning or losing. All you have to do is activate Tap to Aim in the Settings menu on mobile, and then just tap your finger on the ball you want to aim at during a game – and like magic, the cue will reposition.

This is especially handy if you’ve just potted a ball at one end of the table, and you now want to pot one at the other end. Instead of dragging the cue with your finger, you can just tap on the screen and you’ll be in position. Of course, Tap to Aim doesn’t line up the shot perfectly: you’ll still need to adjust your aim in order to pot the ball. But it can save you some time and make sure you’re never rushing that last crucial shot.


Maybe you’re a busy person, and you like to play 8 Ball Pool on your mobile while doing something else – watching TV, cooking a nice meal, or maybe talking to friends. (It’s okay, we’re totally not offended that you aren’t giving 8 Ball Pool your 100% undivided attention. No really. It’s fine. IT’S FINE, OKAY?)

Anyway. If you are a multitasking kind of person, then the Vibrating setting is for you. Turning this on means that your mobile will vibrate when your opponent’s turn ends, and play switches to you. This means that you’ll never miss your shot because you were too busy slicing onions or watching football or… playing pool in real-life.



Practice without guidelines

Want to try the no guideline tiers, but are put off by the high stakes? We added the option to practice offline on mobile with no guidelines, so you can familiarize yourself with how it works. Just use the Disable Guideline in Offline Mode option, then choose Practice Offline from the menu, and play without guidelines to your heart’s content. Once you’ve got the hang of it, get online and take on the world!

This shot is definitely going in. I think.

This shot is definitely going in. I think.


There’s always some cheeky player who will try to put you off by sending you a chat message just as you’re about to pot the black. Personally, we find that this just makes victory even sweeter when that 8 Ball drops. But if you’re the kind of person who would not take the risk of being distracted, you can activate Ignore Chat Messages in Settings, and enjoy your victory in peace. Shhh.

Customize your controls

There are two options in the Settings menu on mobile that we recommend you experiment with: Power Bar Location and Power Bar Orientation. These shift where the power bar appears in the game. Sure, you may be used to its current position – but maybe you’ll find your game improved even more if you move them elsewhere. Give it a shot and see what works best for you.

Check it out - power bar on the right.

Check it out – power bar on the right.

Tweak the sensitivity

We sometimes get messages from mobile players who find it tricky to make a precise shot because the cue control is too sensitive. We also get messages from players who say that it’s not sensitive enough. Fortunately, you can tweak the sensitivity in Settings – have a play around and see if it improves your game.

Focus Mode

Here’s one for those who play 8 Ball Pool on Miniclip.com, and it’s called Focus Mode. It’s a shiny blue button that removes all “distractions”, like the other games and animations that sit around the game, so you can focus purely on Pool. Players who use Focus Mode have been shown to be around 73% better than those who don’t*. So if you’re playing on Miniclip, check out this mode.

* Based on this survey that I just made up

Click the blue button at the bottom and you'll get FOCUS MODE - no distractions.

Click the blue button at the bottom and you’ll get FOCUS MODE – no distractions.

We hope you learned something new from these Pool Pro-Tips! If you’ve got some other things to share that you think some players may not know, or if you just want to gloat and say “I already knew all this, duh!”, then hit the comments section below. Or, click here to start playing now!

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    • Why is it when in the middle of some games I can not get a cue to shoot my turn or any controll of the cue ball? then this last time with all that happening ,I was never once got to make a shot lack of cue stick, and causing me to loose 10,000 pool coin because it closed me out of the game ,This is not the first time this happened.

    • i think pool @ miniclip is more enjoying w naturality ( d phisics in it) but i am not the only one user experiencing annoying game ..is it intentional or somebody are there busy buddies cheating us,,,

  1. I just reloaded the game and my first game was against a level 40 player. How about a little fairness in how the matchups are made?

    • I don’t think skill levels matter, I just battered a 150 level, on the other hand I got battered by a level 10….. Twice, and I’m level 111 and enjoying the challenges immensely.

      • When I refer to skill I’m not talking about the number in the star shown next to your name, that’s just a rating of how well you play the computer game. I beat players with higher rating all the time. I love to watch players panic looking for a cut shot when there’s an easy bank shot right there in front of them. It’s no hard to tell the ones that don’t play pool on real tables, bank shot aren’t supported by the aiming lines and many players are afraid to try them.

      • You can lose to anyone, any level and you can beat anyone at any level. What I hate most is beating myself by scratching to often or scratching on the 8 ball. I’ve been shooting for almost 60 years and consider this to be the best on-line 8 ball game there is. My game is 9 ball….is it coming anytime soon?

  2. why does the daily free spin never yield anything worthwhile ? Why do you charge to re-charge a cue that we already paid you coins for ?

  3. Why can’t we have a chat feature to talk to they players, don’t seem right to pay for the chat features when you don’t want to say the things you have, not even a your welcome plus so much more

    • I agree. There’s a lot I’d like to say to an opponent sometimes and I don’t mean anything nasty. Just chit chat like you’d have around a real pool table.

    • Exactly the chats most of the time don’t exactly say what you really want to say.The game would be a lot more fun.And definite more interesting.if you could chat with people.In our own words.example game. Zynga poker.

    • Can’t chat with other players? like there is this friend who i meet in the game and we like to play together, but we can’t talk, can’t arrange time can’t even say that we like to play together, really bad. Sometimes she finally appears online, and i just needed to go, but i stay and play with her while simultaneously doing my loundry or have connection problems.

      So I’m very bad and she could lose will to play with me because she could think i got so bad or just leaving her to win, while at the same time i have to do other stuff im just happy she’s there so at the same time am folding my clothes, explaining friend how to use some appliances and trying to score that ball and then in between trying to comment on game with those mostly meaningles and just inadequate choice of words we were given.

      What happen when i buy more words, trying to find right ones to express what i wanna say will probably take ages.

      Game is really great, chat support is just awful, it’s like they got to revive someone frozen back in the ice age and then get him work on the game and he was in charge of chat, and they all found it amazing and satisfactory that players will need to go through same debilitating process as well.

      If anyone feels bothered by this analogy, just go play few games and try to chat with random players about it, after you won’t really matter if it matters if someone frozen in ice age could be unfrozen, revived and then got into shape to bring his experience to a game, you will feel like being that amazing person, so inspired by the game but totally unable to share with your opponents anything about it.

      Great, mission accomplished, while playing we are not distracted by chatting, instead we are frustrated by our inability to find generic words or expressions offered to us by game if self.

      Maybe i miss point in this, actually i missed many points, but nevertheless developers missed a point with chat as well?

      Enjoy the game

    • Excellent question. Too often on the lower coin games (those that have a 100 coin buy in, etc.) people just slam into a group of balls to see what happens. Often, they sink a ball that they would never have sunk otherwise. Why not give us a 100 coin buy in call your shots game?

  4. Can someone tell me how to use the feature with the cue where u can see the aiming position extended. Or in other u can make a better judgment coz u cue has an extended reach. Thanks

    • The extended cue lines are part of the “cues with powers.” When U purchase a new cue, look at the list of powers each cue has (i.e., Force, Aim, Spin & Time.) There are green “bars” beside each power, with a total of 10 bars possible. For instance, if U want longer “aim lines,” U need to purchase a cue with the highest number of green bars beside “AIm” that U can afford. If U want increased time, U should purchase a cue with the highest green bars beside “Time,” & so on. Hope that helps!!!

    • This is a really good on line pool game. However, the owners are here to make money. That is why they charge for cues. It is really unfair to come up against a player of lesser skill but can slam them home because he or she has purchased a premium cue with better aim. But, that’s the way it goes.

      • There’s a limit on which cues you can purchase determined by what level you’re at. My gripe is why keep charging for them? You should be able to recharge by winning games, not by having to pay coins.

        • Exactly when you have to pay 500 coins to recharge your cue every game.Wetheryou win or lose.At least if you win it should recharge automatically. It would give a player more incentive. To keep playing instead of getting mad because you lost and you have to pay that ridiculous recharge fee also.

    • Well. Potting the queen at break is no fun and no sportsmanship. Also it’s against international rules. However I did notice somthing that pissed me. In order to pot his ball, (where my ball was in the middle of the pocket and his line of action); he doubled dipped his ball. The first ball that was pot was mine (foul) but he got away with that.

      • You could call blocking a pocket unsportsman like. However in another situation if a player makes his shot and the cue ball makes a bank or two then by chance makes on of yours. You get a free ball yet the shooter should get credit for his shot regardless of intent.

  5. The tips are appreciated but I play on a laptop with a mouse rather than on a mobile. How do these tips apply? Of more importance, I just bought a custom cue, how do I make it do the things I see others doing with theirs? I”m starting to feel like I wasted my hard earned coins. Thanks for any insight you might provide.

  6. Why isn’t 8 ball pool available for windows phones???? I love the game and got a new phone and can’t get the game:(

  7. how to know about keyboard shortcut in 8 ball pool ? I think thats my oponent when I played 8 ball pool his used keyboard shortcut, he can get high trick…oh nooo… I wanna know about keyboard shorcut and knowing about 8 ball pool anymore



  9. Some of us would like to see text next to the flag indicating country of residence. I don’t know many different countries tries flags.

    • Hear, hear. I use a page in Wikipedia called flags by number of colors and it lists them by #of colors, show a picture and the list is alphabetical but there are some I can’t find. I really like to know where people are from and would like that by the flag or at least be able to ask them.

  10. Like the game a lot, can’t stop playing! Just one thing, how does one change the screen name/user name that appears on our player? I was able to connect to my Facebook account, but it would be nice if we can customize our own screen name, right? Need help on that…please! Or get that update going…thanks!

  11. Does anybody know of a way to add the people you add to your friends list to your Facebook or get there email to talk to them in real life?

  12. Totally fed up with the games inability to count. It continually takes 1000 chips from me when I lose, this is as well as my stake. I reckon it has taken at least 20,000 over the past week, l am seriously thinking about giving up playing, which is a shame because I enjoy the game. I think mini clips brainiacs need to sort this problem because I know I’m not the only person this is happening to. I would appreciate a response to this blog.!!!

  13. can anyone tell me why it’s telling me to purchase spins when I have a free spin available? When I use my free spin, the window pops up to enter my password to purchase more spins. ????

  14. How can I log into my google account profile on my ipad ? It doesn’t give google as am option for login and i don’t wanna lose my progress

  15. Appreciated but why do you have to take my money? I had 50 bucks and went to the store to get a new cue and all of them gone for no possible reason.

  16. Why don’t you follow the real rules.
    Why doesn’t right or left hand side on the ball have no affect at all especially on the cushions.
    The physics are totally unrealistic and don’t react like a real tables angles would so trying to position the cue ball is near impossible

  17. I’m really not complaining about this but I’m curious. So every couple of days, I get this big coin increase. Like today I was at like 2,000 coins (I know, low) but then the next time I went back on the game I had 12,000 something. Is this happening to anyone else???

  18. I love the game, obviously, very very frustrating at times but amazing when you are winning hahaha! I am addicted!!!

  19. who made up these rules? I play in a couple of different leagues and never had played by these rules.
    1. you make a clean hit on your ball but wrong pocket how does it become ball in hand for your opponent? this is a dumb ruleyou have please this needs to be fixed.
    2. their is no game that allows you to break past the 2nd ball in the rack except if you’re playing straight pool but you are not playing straight pool, 8 ball is only the 1st or 2nd ball in the rack is legal this always results in a ball in hand foul. this also must be fixed.

    how can you make a game and not put the real rules in the game that I think you have no clue about the game of pool

  20. I’m not a gamer but love this game. It takes me back to playing in the US League. Yet about a dozen times now. I have won at stakes 5,000+ only to see the game go back two shots and no time left to shoot. Leaving the opponent to clean up. I smell a big fat rat. It only happens when I’m closing out the match with a win.

    I’ve taken screen shots of the player profiles when it happens but I don’t see a place to complain/report.

  21. I am wanting to play a match against my facebook friend and i cant see him on the computer 8 ball i can only see him on my phone. i can soo some of my facebook friends on the computer but not all. what the hell if going on!!!?

  22. How is it I sunk a striped ball off my break then another, miss and my opponent then sinks a stiped ball and is stripes! And I’m on solids after sinking two striped balls?

    • Even if you pot multiple balls off the break, the table is still “open” until another ball is potted. So if you pot two stripes off the break, and miss your next shot, and then your opponent pots a stripe, they will be stripes for the rest of the game.

    • Also, if you pot one or more stripes off the break, then pot a stripe and the cue ball on your next shot, then the table is still “open” and your opponent has ball in hand.

  23. I really really with there was a ‘no guidelines’ option with a lower entry fee. 200K being the first guideline game is very discouraging and expensive to play. WHy not offer a 1K or 5K no guideline game?

  24. Is anyone addressing the chat order problem? I purchased three sets of chats and it seems I no sooner set them in the order I want them in and then they get reset back to their default order. I don’t use them much anyway, but I find I use them even less because of this. I have probably had to reset them 6 to 8 times.

    The program is not user friendly at all even if they didn’t go back to default on their own. The scroll bar is possessed with a mind of it’s own. In the scheme of things it’s not the biggest issue out there but nonetheless, it should work if we are paying for it . Right?
    Thank you in advance for your help

  25. i was playng with someone and he write me ,, please man let me win,, or ,,u are such an idiot,, they use different chat or what? i can write only what is there to buy chat..normal options not special or live writing…who knows how works ?

  26. Some players play such a fair game, I feel like giving them a flag that others can see. Though, I like mischievous players too.

  27. I honestly don’t think its fair that we are given options on whatnto say..like seriously please put it to where we can type our own messages..please..it is so annoying that we havento choose what we have to say..just let us type what we wanna say instead of been given options on what to say

  28. tell us how can we writte our own chat like others ? why just special persons can writte in the game what they want ????? tell us how that works.

    • On 100k matches (50,000 ea.) you are free to type your own messages with an adequate character limit. There is still availability to utilize the predefined chat messages but towards the lower-left section of the screen there is an empty chat bar which you can click and are able to type. I know this from previous experiences but I have only played on the PC.

  29. I dont get free spins as i move to the next level in 8 ball pool … today i just move up to 75th level but i dont get free spins … i only get daily free spins but not get free spins as i move to the next level…. can anybody tell me what is wrong??

    • Hi, we recently made the rewards for levelling up consistent across web and mobile: you get 1 Pool Cash for every level.

    • FIRST I WILL SAY I HAVE NEVVVVER PLAYED A GAME ONLINE, and I have always posted on my FB for my friends to stop asking me to join games or send them this or send them that, and now LOOK @ me!!!!! LOL LOL I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME WAYYY MORE THAN I CAN IMAGINE…. Definetly 5 SOLID ?’s from me & my family.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️?.
      & I will add that it ranging from ALL DIFFERENT ages of people is thier mid 60’s – early 30’s and soon to be 6 yr old

      >>***HOWEVER I HAVE A FEW PROBLEMS ? & as much as I like the game I am NOT AT ALL HAPPY WITH THIS…..
      1. The first thing I noticed, and it was a long time , actually a very long time ago probably right when my husband first got me starting 2 play, during one of my daily “FREE SPINS” I got the free 8 Ball Pool Stick – HOWEVER – I NEVER ACTUALLY RECEVED IT???!!!!??? — it is not in my owned sticks?! 2B blunt I truly don’t care to own it or not, UNLESS there it somthing anything BEYOND AMAZING about this stick that I don’t know about??????????????????
      2. Now this is a MAJOR ~ BEYOND ~ GIGANOURMOUS ~ JUST FLAT OUT OUT HUGE PROBLEM FOR ME….. (ESPECIALLY SINCE I AM COMING OUT OF MY POCKET, PUTTING MYYYYYY CC # on the Internet, which might I add, I NEVER DO – EVER!!) I have now several times purchased you “PROMOS” both for the coins and for the dollars. I absolutely LOVE playing the MINI GAMES, hence me buying the extra dollars. Awhile back now a long time ago I was about 99% sure that I had only used 4 of my 5 spins….. I NEVER GOT MY 5th spin.
      Today it said I had 3 spins left…… Then I got the one free spin so I should have been back @ 4 spins, after my free spin, THAT WAS IT NO MORE SPINS – ??.
      3. Also with this damn spin thing I had landed on the 11 FREE SCRATCH OFFS —-
      ONNNNE – one – ONE…. 1 YES, ONLLLLY ONE!!!!! I only received one one!!!!!!
      The free 8Ball Stick, the Free 11 Scratch offs etc. were all from that spin thing and I got ripped off on all of the but when it comes to loosing out out on 3 spins that I paid for that has not only happened today, because I have dollars and coins I’m the past several times as well, NOW THATS NOT COOL!!!
      No f$&)54: that none of it cool, if we are told we are rewarded somthing or we are gonna be given somthing then it should ABSOLUTLY BE GIVEN TOUS WITH OUT ANY ISSUSES

      I want to know if any one else has had any similar issues like this?!?

      Also as far as ADMIN & MINICLIP ****.

      Please & Thank you, it is only fair!!!

  30. is there no admin here or what ? during the game some people writte on chat,how can that be posible ? tell us how we can do that ? there are new chat options who we can writte what we want during the game ?

    • Cristi,

      What do you mean ppl write chat durning the game??
      Are you referring to the chat lines that are pre written, or do you mean they can write what what want???
      BC if u can write your own chat line and your someone who knows how to do this please inform me on how to do this
      Another thing for all of the ppl out there who do not speak English GOOGLE TRANSLATE!!!

  31. hello ??? admin ??? how is posible to play 15 game without breaking ???? u are crazy or what ? game after game other player break the balls,shame on you !!!!

  32. i played 10 games for 10 M and i didnt break, how can that be posible ??? i lose 50 M without playing….wtf is that ? some players break non stop and some others stay and watch ???? at this level u know that who break the balls wins the game because the other player has no chance and still u let me just watch 10 streak games ?? site good for nothing,beacsss !!!!!!!

  33. i never break the balls !!!! max 10 % from the games i play i break the balls, wtf ??? do something about that u easy site !!!!!!!

  34. Does anybody know how people are cheating making my stick disappear & I run out of time? This has happened a few times when I am running the table, get on the 8 ball & suddenly, my stick is gone & I cannot shoot my shot! I run out of time & my opponent takes control! People are robbing me for coins!!!!!! FRUSTRATED!!!

  35. Hi — I’m wondering, in 8-ball, why do opponents seem to be intentionally running down the shot clock to the last few seconds, then they ‘wake up’, aim & shoot quickly??
    Are they getting some benefit?? Extra XP? Some secret power of the cue that only works in last 5 seconds of shot time??
    Do tell — I don’t get it.
    Thanx —

    • They wait until the last possible second just to frustrate you and take you off your game . I like beating these people and if I have a clear, last shit on the 8, I wait until my time is almost up, say ‘thanks’ and sink it….that’ll teach ’em

    • I’m with you. I hate this feature. Winning a game then all the sudden my cue stops working because it needs recharged. I’ve scratched on the 8 even because all the sudden my cue will no longer draw and the cue ball follows in the 8. I want my cue to stop changing behavior. I’m looking for an alternative pool game.

  36. simple rules,
    you dont break….. you lose
    you miss a shot……you lose
    you go in off………..you lose
    your opponent just slams the ball… you lose

  37. I want to be able to employ spin on the white ball. Is the orientation of the white ball at the top of my screen where I can adjust spin fixed, in other words, if I aim with my screen the normal way up, backspin is bottom of white ball, but if I turn my screen to aim to another pocket, I see the ball from a different angle, I want to put on backspin, but with my view, backspin then shows up on the ball icon on left or right. Should I have put the red dot on the bottom of the white ball icon as if my screen is the right way up? Am I making sense?

  38. On 8ball pool I’m am working hard to get to that 5m game and on my way up (at 1.4m) I play the 100,000 and come across a game where they had a cheat. I called a pocket for a ball and all of a sudden it said all I had let was the 8 however all my balls were still on the table, so I hit it just to make a legal hit. It then went to there turn and they shot one ball and then it said they won. I am very disappointed in this and considering not playing anymore. How do we combat this? It will really ruin a good thing. Especially those of us spend our hard earned money to get coins and then have a cheat take it from us. Just sayin. Also need to rework the rules of the game, pretty good but still needs some tweaks to get it right. Please respond to my email for further correspondence. Thanks Scott (aka “hittem good” on miniclip 8ball pool)

  39. Hi, great game… But spin only works when you use backspin.
    In other ways it either doesn’t work or it’s not realistic…
    Please improve the spin!!!

    Thanks 🙂

  40. Hi
    While playing 8 ball pool online every time in the end of the game the stick doesnt work. whats the matter behind it. Some one help me out from this situation

  41. Dear Miniclip i would like to start with saying i’m a huge huge fan of miniclip. I’ve got two favourites i play regularly, the first is 8 ball pool & close second is supercar showdown. They are just pure class games , but i’ve got a question to ask you? well without sounding smug i think i’m really good at they games, well i’ve completed supercar showdown & i never go below 85% win rate on 8 ballpool. So i wonder if you would like to make me a moderator? i would take my role very seriously & just look out for cheats & bullies. Please think it over it would mean the world to me, yours sincerely Steven Ellis .

  42. Why is it just when you are about to win a game, conveniently you lose connection. Everything going fine great internet connection until you’re about to win then bam, lost connection or you ran out of time. Even though You already took your shot it sets you back. Complete rip off and fixed games. Should be ashamed of yourselves.

  43. What is with all the players exiting just before last balls are sunk & they would lose the game? So frustrating. Happens 60-70% of games now. Does it alter win/loss ratio or XP favorably??

  44. I have lost several games while waiting on players to comment, it was my turn to play but the game gave the shot to the other player. I really like your game, and I have thought of investing money to play. If your opponent are willing to cheat to win, it really takes the fun out of the game. Maybe you could eliminate the waiting and let the person whose shoot it is play.I am not able to play on my table, because of spinal problems, and your game gives me a reason to enjoy the day.

  45. i want to know how I can use same account for logging on with facebook and google account. for instance when I log-on with facebook its different from my google log-on account for 8 ball pool

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