Liverpool FC team up with Soccer Stars

Liverpool FC and the famous Anfield Stadium have joined Soccer Stars! The Reds are the first English Premier League team to make an appearance in our game, and we’ve got new teams, a special tier, and a new challenge for you.

As well as the opportunity to play as Liverpool FC in the form of three brand-new team pieces, we’ve also got a special Anfield pitch for you to play on. It’s a true Soccer Stars shootout in the famous old stadium – one goal wins! Anfield is a limited-time stadium, and will only be in the game for a few weeks – so don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to play on the hallowed turf. It’s also the first time to experience a one-goal-wins shootout, so definitely check it out – it makes for fast and fun matches.

LFC Screenshot2

We’ve also got a special Liverpool FC Challenge event to take on. If you’re a Soccer Stars regular, you’ll know all about how our Challenges work: coach Tony Star sets a new one every week and then you’ve got a limited amount of time to complete it, with great in-game prizes to be won – everything from coins and bucks to exclusive teams. The challenge starts on February 27 and runs until March 1st – don’t miss it!

The Liverpool FC Challenge is simple: win enough games in Anfield Stadium and you’ll get the top prize. If you’re actually playing with one of the Liverpool FC teams when you take on this challenge, you’ll get a points boost towards progressing through the challenge. Call it home advantage for the Reds!

All of this is out now  in Soccer Stars!  If you’re new to Soccer Stars – where have you been?! –  you can download for free on the App Store or Google Play now.

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