Tips for playing Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes is our awesome new mixture of RPG and idle clicker games, and while it seems simple to start with, things quickly get complicated! Confused as to how to start, or just want some tips on how to maximise your earnings? Take these tips to heart and you’ll soon be the best clicker hero of them all!

Clicker Heroes 1


To begin with, Clicker Heroes is easy. What do you do? Just click! See the monsters on the right? Click on them to attack and when they are defeated you’ll automatically pick up the gold they drop. Easy! You’ll defeat monsters, buy upgrades and progress through levels. Then you can start over again, only you’ll be better equipped than the first time, and you’ll be able to get further and do it in a lot less time. While your first playthrough might take weeks, eventually you’ll be able to get the same distance in a matter of minutes!

Defeat monsters to earn gold!

Monsters drop gold when you defeat them. This gold is what you’ll need in order to level up Heroes, unlock new ones and buy their upgrades. Each time you defeat 10 monsters, a new zone will appear which you can click on to move onto the next level. Monsters have more and more health in each new stage.

Boss monsters have timers!

Every five zones you’ll encounter a boss. You have 30 seconds to defeat it any way you can. If you fail, the timer will restart and you will try (and fail) again. Just like regular monsters, bosses become harder and harder as you get further. But what if you just can’t click enough in time? Well, what if we told you you don’t have to click at all?

Clicker Heroes boss

Hire Heroes to help!

Heroes can be bought and upgraded with your gold. The first, Cid, increases the amount of damage you do per click, but the others will all do damage automatically (known as DPS, or damage per second) – that’s right, defeating the monsters and earning you gold without having to lift a finger! It even continues when you aren’t playing, so coming back after some time away, you’ll have plenty more gold than you left off. Make sure not to leave the game on a boss you can’t defeat, though, as you won’t earn any money this way!

It’s often better in the short term to hire a new hero rather than upgrade an existing one, as the bonus gained from an entirely new character is normally higher than that of an upgrade. Still, it all depends on your situation at the time. Weigh up your options and pick the best one!

Heroes also have “skills” you can unlock and use at will. These all do various things for short amounts of time, like 30 automatic clicks a second or an increased chance of critical hits. Often they work well together! These abilities have variable cooldown periods, so make sure to save them for the most powerful foes!

Earn Achievements!

You earn achievements as you do in any other game – reaching certain milestones, levelling characters up to specific point, beating bosses and so on. However, unlike most games, the achievements in Clicker Heroes actually do stuff, like giving you a boost to your earnings or increasing the power of specific characters. Take a look at the achievements list and try to aim for the ones that will give you the bonuses you really want! For example, if there is an achievement for hoarding a certain amount of gold, it might be worth holding off on any purchases for a while until you reach it!

That’s the basics! Upgrade your heroes to do a ton of damage all the time, defeat loads of monsters to earn more gold, and work your way through the early stages. Things are going to get tougher though, so read on for the advanced class…


Are you ready for this? Are you sure? Have some hot, expert-level knowledge for masters only! Seriously: this is only for players who have at least reached Stage 100!

Gilded Heroes

Gilded Heroes are unlocked at stage 100 and every other 10 zones thereafter (eg. 110, 120, 130). Each Gilded Hero gives an additional +50% increase in DPS  for that Hero per Gild (this effect can be stacked, meaning a hero can have multiple Gilds and each one gives its own 50% bonus).

Gilded Heroes are randomly assigned, there’s no way to choose which Hero gets gilded and saving and reloading before a boss will not allow you to get a different gild either. You can de-gild a Gilded Hero at the cost of 2 Hero Souls, which will remove the Gild from that Hero and randomly assign it to another Hero. Through the process of elimination, you will eventually get all the gilds onto the Hero(es) you want. It’s not recommended to move gilds early on in the game as it is pretty expensive, and gilds don’t make that much of an impact until later.

Using the Shift Key, you can also gild into a Hero of your choice, taking a Gild from another random Hero at the expense of 80 Hero Souls. Though costly in terms of Hero Souls, doing this allows you to have your gilds exactly where you want them.

Clicker Heroes 3

Hero Souls? What are they?

Hero Souls are granted for every 2000 combined Hero levels (for example, if you have Cid at level 1000 and Treebeast at level 1000). Each Hero Soul grants a +10% DPS bonus. You can also obtain Hero Souls by beating Primal Bosses after Zone Level 100. However, the Hero Souls you earn will be applied onto your next run after you ascend.

Ascension? What’s that? This is getting complicated…

We said this was for experts only!  Amenhotep is one of the heroes, named after the Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. He is especially important because his last upgrade is what you need in order to “ascend” to the next world and get Hero Souls.

Think of Ascending as a “soft reset.” You’ll start the game over, but with your earned Hero Souls, which as established boost your DPS. Ascending is not dangerous, but it will be useless if you ascend without earning a decent amount of Hero Souls on your current run. At the right point, ascending will feel more like shifting into a higher gear than resetting, but ascending too early is quite pointless. When should you ascend? Well, that’s up for you to decide…

That’s all the help we’re going to give you, hero! Go out there, click on some monsters and make some serious gold! How far into the epic quest of Clicker Heroes can YOU reach?