Berry Rush – New Update!

Our Strawberry Shortcake game, Berry Rush, just passed FIVE MILLION downloads! To celebrate, we’ve released our first major update to the game, with some great new features.

One of the biggest new things we’ve added are stickers. These super-cool collectibles can be found as you’re running through the game, in the form of sticker packs. Make sure you grab them whenever you can, then open them up at the end of your run to see what’s inside. Each pack contains multiple stickers, and some even contain bonus fruit and coins! Once you’ve unwrapped your sticker pack, add them to your brand new Sticker Book. Can you complete the collection?

Stickers in Berry Rush

You can also get stickers with another new feature we’ve added to the game: daily missions. Missions are everything from collecting a certain amount of coins in a single run to sliding on a set number of plants. The more missions you can complete in a day, the bigger the rewards you’ll get – including those lovely new sticker packs.

You’ll also now get daily rewards for coming back every day – the more you play, the bigger your reward! And finally, we’ve added a new step tracker to keep track of just how far you’ve run each time you play, so you can now see when you set a new personal record. See how far you can go! You can find out even more about these great new features in this preview blog post.

This update for Berry Rush is out now, totally free, on the App Store, Google Play, and for Amazon and Windows Phone devices. Download now and enjoy!

Berry Rush Daily Missions

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  1. I hate the fact that a game for kids, like mine are age around 5-6, has ads with war, fighting, guns,weapons, immoral dressing and attitude, can you not make an option where kids are able to enjoy a game without obscenity ready-made to go on during play,do you have a ads free version we can purchase?

    • I sort of agree with Roxanica, you have games that are more age appropriate. I don’t mind watching the clips to get my 3 year old Granddaughter ( who absolutely L O V E S the game) more coins, (ps. You don’t always give the coins for me to claim & the one time I actually did receive the coins I had to watch 3 clips 2 x’s each

  2. i have an ‘!’ By the competition and the stickers part of the game. Can you fix the bug at all for me?? My daughter absolutely loves this game!! Thanks

  3. уα иєє∂ тσ fιχ тнιѕ ѕтяαωвєяяу яυѕн gαмє. ιт кєєρ fяєєzιиg σи мє αи∂ ιт ѕнυтѕ ∂σωи. ι ѕρєит му мσиєу σи тнєѕє ¢нαяα¢тєяѕ. αи∂ ι’м gєттιиg υρѕєт. уα иєє∂ тσ fιχ ιт σя υρ∂αтє тнιѕ gαмє..

  4. I have purchased all the outfits, filled my sticker book all except the gold stickers packs and done all upgrades, really hate that you have to spend real money for the gold stickers and for all characters from Lemon Meringue on, not spending real money, so guess it’s time to quit the game, nothing left

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