The Biggest Bike Rivals Update EVER!

Bike Rivals has been out for a fair few months now, enough time for our hardcore fans to master every stage of its physics-based bike racing action! Have you managed to achieve 3 stars on every single level? Only the best of the best have done it, but soon there are going to be more challenges to undertake…

That’s right, a brand new update is about to come to Bike Rivals, bringing with it new levels, new vehicles and a totally new, re-worked multiplayer mode!

Bike Rivals new levels


We’ve added 15 brand new levels to the game, playable in both career and multiplayer. Continuing on from the ice world, these new stages take Bike Rivals into more sci-fi territory than ever before, with a funky green landscape, moving platforms and weird pits of goo! There are also robot drones that will chase you down if they spot you – if they reach you then -BOOM- it’s an explosive end for you!

Mecha bike


There is a way to make avoiding drones easier – the new Mecha Bike! Besides looking cool and having great stats, the Mecha Bike has a special ability that lets it hack these explosive security drones. When using the Mecha Bike, drones won’t lock on and chase you down. They still check you out and gradually get close, and touching them will still have explosive results, but the extra time is really useful. You don’t need the bike to finish all the new levels, but give it a look if you are struggling!

Bike Rivals multiplayer


The biggest new features in the update come in a total reworking of the multiplayer system. We now have three different tiers that are divided by how much they cost to play. Each of the three tiers has you and your opponent betting an equal number of coins. Whoever wins gets the lot! Bronze tier is for those who just want to race without betting too much, while Gold tier is the place to go if you want to win big!

You will always be matched up with another player and given the task of beating their time on a particular stage. You get four tries, and if you use them up, more can be bought with a few coins – or you could just admit defeat!

The Bike Rivals update is coming extremely soon, but don’t think that’s all we’ve got planned for the game. We are already hard at work on our next update, and while we can’t share much, we do have a question: how do you like the sound of upgrading your bikes?

Bike Rivals is free to download on iOS and Android, and you can also play on! Look out for this update real soon!