8 Ball Pool leagues: now on web!

We’re happy to announce that leagues and leaderboards are now available on 8 Ball Pool on the web and Facebook! Mobile players have already been enjoying these features, and we know web players have been requesting them for some time, which is why we are excited to finally be bringing them to you!

Weekly Leaderboards

Leaderboards are simple. You can check out the leaderboards for either your country or the whole world, seeing the top players and how well they are doing, or finding your own place and comparing yourself to your peers! Are you enough of a pro player to try and get near the top of your country’s leaderboard, or perhaps even the world’s? There are weekly prizes for those that can!

Looks like we've got a long way to go to climb the World leaderboard. Time to start winning!

Looks like we’ve got a long way to go to climb the World leaderboard. Time to start winning!



Leagues, on the other hand, give you an even better chance of winning! You’ll find the My League tab next to the leaderboards. In here, you’ll see the other 8 Ball Pool players who make up your league. These players have been assigned to your league based on your own level in the game, plus your own coin balance – the game will match you up against players similar to yourself, to make the playing field as fair as possible.

We wanted to give more people more chance to win – so your league will have a much smaller number of other players than the Country or Global leaderboards.

In your league, just like in the weekly leaderboards, you’ll be ranked on your total weekly winnings. Every week, the top 3 players in your league win a prize.

There are 10 different league tiers for you to play in, each one based on your level. So if you’re just starting out in 8 Ball Pool, you’ll be playing in the Brass League, but if you’re a level 20 player you’ll be competing in the Gold League. Get yourself into the Level 100 Club and there’s 200 Pool Cash to be won for topping your individual league!

Level up to move into higher leagues with bigger prizes.

Level up to move into higher leagues with bigger prizes.

Important info

Here’s some other important bits you’ll need to know:

  • Matches on mobile contribute to web leaderboards and leagues, and vice versa. This means that you can carry on playing on web and mobile, and your wins will all be counted towards the overall leaderboard.
  • If you play the same opponent more than once in the same week, only the winnings from the first match are counted.
  • You can only move into a new tier at the end of a week, even if you level up during a week. You’ll stay in that tier until the week comes to an end, then be in the higher tier the following week.

Claim your prize!

At the end of the week, come back to see if you’ve finished in the top 3! You need to open the game to claim your prize – so don’t miss out!