Official 8 Ball Pool Forum

8 ball pool forum 2

We’ve just launched an official forum for our 8 Ball Pool players! It’s a place to talk about the game, organize tournaments or 1v1 matches, make new Pool friends, view the best trickshots, compare stats, and also get the latest news on the game, straight from the people who make it.

We hope that this will be a thriving, fun and enjoyable community! The Official 8 Ball Pool forum is now OPEN, so if you want to be one of the first people to join our growing community, head over there now and introduce yourself!

You can sign in with either your Miniclip ID or your Facebook ID. You need to be signed-in to post! Come over and say hi.

Look out for a few members of the Miniclip team, Raquel, Crunch_King and Benjo, plus our volunteer moderators KING-OLE, M4rt1n, Dalton, Tetsumonchi, thedoc70, jim_b_hello and CheeseyMonster. These people will make sure you get the most out of your forum experience 🙂

While we’ll also be using the forum to help out with any problems players might have in the game, don’t forget that if you experience a bug, the best place to get help is by contacting our Support team.

So come and join us on the official forum of the world’s biggest and best 8 Ball Pool game!

8 ball pool forum