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We’ve just launched an official forum for our 8 Ball Pool players! It’s a place to talk about the game, organize tournaments or 1v1 matches, make new Pool friends, view the best trickshots, compare stats, and also get the latest news on the game, straight from the people who make it.

We hope that this will be a thriving, fun and enjoyable community! The Official 8 Ball Pool forum is now OPEN, so if you want to be one of the first people to join our growing community, head over there now and introduce yourself!

You can sign in with either your Miniclip ID or your Facebook ID. You need to be signed-in to post! Come over and say hi.

Look out for a few members of the Miniclip team, Raquel, Crunch_King and Benjo, plus our volunteer moderators KING-OLE, M4rt1n, Dalton, Tetsumonchi, thedoc70, jim_b_hello and CheeseyMonster. These people will make sure you get the most out of your forum experience 🙂

While we’ll also be using the forum to help out with any problems players might have in the game, don’t forget that if you experience a bug, the best place to get help is by contacting our Support team.

So come and join us on the official forum of the world’s biggest and best 8 Ball Pool game!

8 ball pool forum


180 replies

    • Hi dears i have problem i can’t log in with my Facebook in this game i don’t know whay?
      can u help me…….

    • i am not getting my coins when i win. I am very upset because i love this game,, today 8/8/2015 , i won 3x in a row and actually deleted my coins?? is anybody having the same problem?? it sucks!

      • Yes. And it’s really starting to annoy me now. It’s happened about three times. At first it would just take an hour or two to pay out, but now it says I didn’t play last week again and this is absolute nonsense. So no…you’re not alone.

      • Yes, I would win a 1000 coin game and my coin count would still be the same and the next game I played a 1000 coin game and won and my coin count decreased! – Please fix this annoying bug!

        • When for example, the Entry fee for an 8 ball pool game is 2500 coins and the prize is 5000 coins; after I win all I get is 2500 coins, not the 5000 coin prize. This seems to be an issue.

          • You put up 2500 coins to enter as dose the other person if you win u win their coins not yours plus theirs

      • It is just immature behavior. Like it’s “my ball if you don’t play my way I’ll take it home.” As I mentioned before, I will some times play a better player repeatedly. I can pick up what they are doing right and may notice my mistakes.

  1. Please do 8 Ball pool on Windows Phone I really like this Game and want to Play It I hope you will do it soon on that device

  2. You should create a way to sell cues that you don’t want anymore. I bought cheaper cues when I first started playing but now that I have more money I have better cues and don’t use the old ones anymore..
    Good idea??

    • That is a great idea, to sell the cues you no longer use. How about if we were able to trade them between friends?

    • The only advantage to using a high-dollar cue stick is the time factor it imposes upon your opponent. It doesn’t make you a better player, only drains coins from your account during recharging.

    • I think something that desperately needs to be fixed is own all legendary cues except 3 which I haven’t received not one piece of each of the three cues yet I really wanted to finish off this sat so I bought 27 of the three packs of the legendary boxes and did not receive not one piece to any of the three Q’s that I still needed all the pieces for this is something that desperately needs to be fixed I’m not saying that we should receive a new piece that we don’t have in every single legendary box but a line needs to be drawn here buying 27 packs of 3 boxes which is 81 boxes and not receiving 1 new piece that is completely ridiculous and something needs to be done about this I feel like I’m being ripped off and I hate to feel that way because I really like this game so please Miniclip please fix this atrocious misstep thank you

      • Follow my posts. This game is #1, no one comes a close second. Yet miniclip found a gold mine (can’t blame them). This has turned into players having to have deep pockets full of excess cash. I don’t entirely agree but I can understand.

  3. it’s not fair in 8 ball pool by mini clips, when you get your opponent and there first to break and you don’t get a chance to make a shot because your opponent has poted all his balls game over. that’s fine there are some good players but on asking for rematch it’s never accepted and that’s not fair both competitors should have the chance to break so if both breaks turn out to be sweeps then they have the choice for the rematch. I think that’s fair for both parties involved

    • It’s a good game but flawed. Tournaments should be organised according to levels. I mean a Virtuoso getting their kicks from beating a Skilled player? Seriously! It’s like a master level player in playing against an amateur. Once they fix this area of the game I think they will attract more players.

          • I agree BUT some people have no class an it tells me they had no home training either.
            So we just try to deal with them as nice as possible. Played a girl 3 times she said HE HE the whole time an only when I scratched on the 8 ball, She still had 3 balls on the table. LOL REALLY was all my mind was thinking. In life no matter where or what you are doing there is ALWAYS those people.
            Thanks Missy AKA RdnekPrincess

      • I agree in theory re: opponent level, but it would probably be too complicated to assign them. As for attracting more players, I doubt if the numbers concern them. They seem to be doing okay as it is. One more note re: opponent levels; Yes, it can be frustrating going against an “elite” opponent, but it’s immensely rewarding when you defeat one of them. I love imagining the stunned expression on their faces. If you’ve played long enough then you KNOW that NO ONE is unbeatable. Good Luck!

        • Since we now have leagues, things are changed. We can only play those of about equal rank. Lower ranked players can not be challenged to play higher levels and receive that award if player wins. Higher ranked players won’t be challenged by lower ranked that are up and coming in rank. The diversity is gone.

    • I am not going to play any more tournaments until this is fixed. It is not fair that the Pro Player can play at the Beginner Table. There needs to be a level break where after you pass a certain level you can not go below that level. Until then 1v1 is where I am going to play. I will not play any one above 5 levels from me. An the break should be a coin toss type thing. That would make it fair. The cues that have powers are great, but the more coins you win the better the cue which goes back to a break level idea.

      • I once felt the same way re: tournament play, but if you’ve played long enough, you MUST know that anyone is capable of beating a higher-ranked player regardless of the overwhelming difference in their rankings. I’ve won games over VIPs, Kings, Superstars, etc. but I’ve also lost to 8-year olds playing their VERY FIRST GAME!!! All it takes is a lucky carom to wreck the best-laid plans. I’m sure we’ve all experienced that humiliation, but it’s forgotten when you knock off an “elite” player and get the satisfaction of them either begging “Let’s play again” or leaving the “scene of the crime” so fast your head spins.

      • Level does not mean much its the win percent. You can play 10,000 games and be a King yet have only won 36% of your games when a person is a beginner and has won *05 of their games, the beginner is the better player, it all in percent of games won.

  4. I Find it interesting that last week I ended up first in my leeague but miniclips failed to award cash because program says I did not play last week this needs to be fixed.

    • I have had my head handed to me by a beginner and have beaten a superstar. More xp points should be given when this happens. Ah, bar room pool. Better to be sure of local rules before you chalk up. They differ greatly. Do you have to call or bank the 8 etc? It is better to play with your friend and avoid an issue.

    • Here it is, over a year later, and this still happens to me every week….I come in first among my friends, and the game says I didn’t play last week. Grrrr >.<

    • I won the platinum league last week but didn’t got my 75 pool cash. I worked very hard for this. Please give me my prize. 166-695-087-7 is my id

  5. Game is very unstable since this last update. It force closes ALOT on my HTC ONE M8. Hopefully, the issue gets resolved soon.

  6. I don’t know how hard it would be, but please developers make a windows app for 8 ball pool so I can play on my mobile device and not just online. Thank you.

  7. Game is great but you tell me why keep from me all main coins(110.000 coin) in one games,problem is im win the game!

  8. Bugs:

    1. iOS issue – When I receive a call while playing the game, sounds disappear and I have to re-start the app to get them back.

    2. Can’t delete fb friends. I do not want to see my fb friends on this game. I read your post abt not being able to delete; yet want to delete them. Please suggest. (Unfriending them on facebook is not an acceptable option) 🙂

  9. it is unfair that level 20 and higher are aloud to play the lower levels im at downtown london pub at a tournament and it set me up with a level 96 i didnt get one turn the whole time and hes probally going to get the coins its completly unfair to lower levels im only level 8

    • Be patient Mary. Your time will come as you get better and understand the game. I was in your shoes and still know how it feels to be so outclassed. Just wait till you beat a VIP, Master, or Superstar. I’m a only a 47 yet have seen many different outcomes.

  10. this has been happening on me for 2 weeks now. While winning I look at my money and I’ve lost over 77,000 dollars, this has happened over and over. I’ll not play anymore till I here from you. I can’t believe I’m the only one this is happening to.

    • This is my last day playing 8 ball with all of you thank you for helping me . I give up. I love the game but I have been asking for you to stop taking my cones. I am still missing ,100 cones every ,4_5 games.

  11. When I practice using “play as guest”, I find to many poor sports. If I lose, so what? I’m there to practice. Many times players quit after a few pots, or when I’m on the 8, or after a good break. You will never improve by quitting.

    • The Chainsaw cue was available at Halloween in 2015. It was for a cash purchase as are some other specialty cues during holidays and special days. Like today is the first day of spring so we get the “Nature Cue”.

  12. I won the weekly competition and i play every single day. I didnt get anything. Can someone tell me what’s going on ? When I press to see last week results it says that I didn’t play last week at all…

  13. Fix your connection problem! You just cost me a 20 game win streek!! Tired of seeing connection slow or waiting for apponents response.

  14. i can play anyone in the world. but cant find my friend even when he is on line and he only lives 5 miles away. can anyone solve this please???

  15. Because 1 to 1 challenge options open at higher stakes it’s easy to accidentally hit the higher stake match when swiping the screen to the lower stakes. I managed to win more than I lost when it happens. Yet I just lost a 500,000 stake game when I wouldn’t have risked two thirds of my coins.

    I think there should be a second confirmation ‘Do you wish to continue’ after swiping accidentally activates a higher stake game. The obvious set up would be for the app to open on lower stake options and swipe towards higher stakes. Yet I’m sure there is less money in that idea because it’s user friendly instead of profit friendly.

    I also get steamed when I win a game and it goes back to a previous shot and the shot time has run out, leaving the opponent to clean up. Only happens on the black or your last ball leading to the black.

    • Sad to hear about your loss. It has happened to me and probably many others. It would be best if miniclip would present the lowest winnings first and then a higher amount could be selected if desired.

    • I agree I have done that too. I love this game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but it has flaws I have been in the middle of a game an I put the other player ball behind mine after I made my shot an he had NO SHOT ( that was my plan) an the next thing I know the screen flashed an my ball moved giving him a shot an he made the shot an then pocketed the 8 ball. I lost 1000 coins because of this. YES I AM MAD OVER IT !!! The object of pool is to prevent the other player from pocketing his balls. If the balls MAGICALLY move how is that fair ?? This is not the first time this has happened. but I LOVE THIS GAME so I keep playing praying it will not happen. This is why I do not like playing tournaments. I can put the other player in a snooker in a heartbeat most of the time. To the player that call me shaky yes I have RSDS a form of MS. So yes my hands shake all the time BUT I still beat you !!!

  16. strategy for hi lo

    1 high
    2 high
    3 low
    4 high
    5 high
    6 high
    7 high
    8 high
    9 low
    10 low but if the number comes at the end its high
    11 low
    12 low
    13 low
    14 low
    15 low

  17. I just bought 5 spins,and won two scratches…. I scratched off a winning ticket of 1.5k,but never received my winnings… How do I fix this?

  18. Absolutely LOVE the game, but I have a few complaints, suggestions, etc. I’ve lost several games to players who illegally strike my ball in order to pot their own ball, excepting the winning 8 ball, of course, but I’ve also seen that happen. It would be nice for some form of penalty for this be implemented. (Maybe loss of time for the remainder of the game)? I realize this can occur accidentally, but anyone who has played for a reasonable amount of time knows the difference. and I can even perhaps forgive a newbie, but in nearly every instance in my experience, it’s happened from veteran players, even VIPs and Superstars. And when I comment with a “No,” they reply “Hehe” and collect their winnings. Very frustrating and demonstrates a major lack of class. Also, I am fully aware that “chat” isn’t a priority during play, but some players act as if a simple “Good Luck” or “Good Game” or even a “Thanks” is beneath them. Chill out people, it’s a game. One more thing, what’s up with winners fleeing the scene as if they’ve just stolen something? Just my two cents. Thanks.

    • While potting a ball using your opponents ball is a foul and opponent losses a turn, they do get credit for their ball. 8 ball can be a little cut throat at times. You also can use some of these tactics.

      • Sure, I could resort to illegal tactics, but this proves what? That I’m as classless as them? I find it difficult to believe that nothing can be done to severely discourage this practice. At the least, cut the offender’s remaining time in half? Impose a penalty wherein they lose X amount of shots? And at worse, automatic loss? I think what bothers me the most is that the vast majority of players employing this tactic are (in my experience anyway) otherwise accomplished and successful players (Emperors, Kings, Superstars, VIPs, etc). You’d think they’d be confident enough in their own skills to not have to stoop that low. Then again, maybe that’s HOW they became so successful?

        • I’ve lost at least half-a-dozen games recently to #!&%^$#@!!! “players” who don’t hesitate striking my ball(s) to pot their own. And no, NONE of them were novices either. They all had at LEAST a 70 ranking. Find it hard to believe some kind of severe penalty other than loss of turn can’t be imposed upon these !$#^&%^!! “players.” I doubt if this will be published, but for the record, a few “players” that I’ve encountered who use this tactic include AnotherWon1, riad, Koko, Duskya and mostafa. Beware these “good sports.”

  19. I am huge fan of 8ball pool.but i am using Nokia Lumia 625 Windows phone 8.1 version.Game is not compatible with m’y device.please provide in Nokia App store.

  20. Im a big big fan for this game i love it soo much and i will not transfeer coins please un banned my account i swear i will not do this again
    Thanks moderater help me
    Thanks miniclip

  21. For the last 5 times I won scratch off prizes on a spin, all resulted in no wins. After consideration I bought coins and will not buy scratch offs. They are not worth the chance.

    • And now I win 10 scratches and win 1400 coins. Yippie! May not seem much to the money people, but it means a lot to me. Ben, your money players will one day get bored and you will find your loyal customers still in the ranks.

  22. I enjoy playing 8ball pool immensley but have recently lost at least 4 games in mid flow whilst winning because of loss of service it always States your internet has been lost this is not so because everything else is working fine.also it has awarded another player the game when it is clearly your shot this has become very annoying to me. Should this keep happening I will quit the game for good. I wonder how many other people have had this problem.
    Thank you .

    • I can understand glitches. That just happens. However coins,xp, points and percentage of a loss should not be handed out. When this dose happen, the game should be judged as a tie and players could try again. Please Ben ask the powers that be to remedy this.

    • Alex, your comment is a slap in the face to all players that can not BUY coins as you do. To play the games you want you must have the funds. You probably bought a large some in the past. Would you play me on the curve since you have more coins? Like my 10,000 against your 1,000,000, if not, quit talking down to other players.

  23. I don’t understand why my pool trips and tells me wrong password and reset it and it still won’t let me on I pay money for tokens all the time I shouldn’t have problems or I should get my money back if I can’t log on that’s not right.

  24. Look I am tired of being walked on !! IF you can not take 2 seconds ( WIN OR LOOSE) to say THANKS when you see my name YOU CAN LEAVE an NOT PLAY ME !! Have some CLASS or leave me alone !! Sorry that I am being RUDE but I am tired of being nice to people an they act like I said nothing. Would love to see that go on in a real life game or tournament. Security would have to walk you out.
    Hey BEN can you make some blank chats that can be written an personalized by the player that bought them ?? I just need two with with four words….. HOW RUDE !!! and NO CLASS huh? that is what mine would say an do not make them too expensive But I would BUY those in a heartbeat!!

    • I couldn’t agree more RdnekPrincess. I’ve also noticed that the higher a player’s ranking, the less likely they are to engage in ‘chat.” It’s like they’re above showing a minimum of humanity, as if they’d lose their edge or something. And have you noticed how quickly they exit? It’s like they’ve stolen something. As for your “blank chat” request, I have to admit you’re much nicer than me. My comments would peel the paint from the walls. 😉

      • If it peeling the paint that’s not nice…lol…Yes I have caught myself several times playing this game. I love it have played a dew of the others out there an OM they Just Can’t Keep Up. One you should check though maybe some infringement rights have been stepped on.

        • Re: rude players. I figure there are at least four (4) reasons for a player to not acknowledge their opponent: 1. They have disabled chat, so they don’t even see it. 2. Perhaps they aren’t comfortable with or are unfamiliar with English. 3. They’re not here to chat, but to play, or 4. they’re (to put it nicely), absolute jerks who think it’s beneath them to even associate with us lessers. With only a few rare exceptions (especially Grand Master Peter, a joy to compete with), it always makes me LOL at the way a defeated “Superstar” either rapidly “exits Stage Left” following a loss as if they were on fire, or they just sit there, apparently stunned that they have actually been BEATEN and are expecting a moderator to step in and correct the mistake. The latter ALWAYS makes my day (-;

        • As I approach nearly 20,000 games played (I know, I know… get a life, right?),
          it’s obvious to me that this game is without a doubt, 51% luck, 49% skill. It doesn’t matter how high a ranking or winning % your opponent has, all it takes is one lucky (or unlucky) carom and you’re sudden;y a loser. As for the “rudeness” issue, I’ve come to the conclusion that the vast majority of elite players (VIPs, Superstars, Kings, Emperors, etc.) are, to put it nicely, arrogant jerks who feel acknowledging their opponent is somehow a sign of weakness.

  25. After playing probably 50 or more games on 7/31/15 (both 1-on-1 and tournaments), I’ve received ZERO credit on wins, losses, etc. Be nice to see this issue worked out.

  26. I know there’s not even a remote chance for ever seeing the following comments added to the “chat,” but here are a few I would include: “Were you born an idiot, or did you win a scholarship?” To the morons who actually BELIEVE that ‘Sorry, gotta run’ comment works: “Hey, aren’t you missing the TinyToons Adventures marathon?” or “Please close the door on your way out!” To the newbie ‘Slammers’: “I REALLY think if you hit it a little harder you’ll do better!” To the ‘Snooker-Specialists’ (players who are focused NOT on making THEIR shots but instead trying to stymie their opponents efforts): “Those who can, DO; those who can’t, SNOOKER.”

      • A problem with bangers is that they make such a messed up table that their opponent has to almost stand on their head to get a decent shot. I doubt if they plan it that way, but that’s what I’ve encountered. I suspect it’s also a “macho” thing (no further explanation required). As for the snookerers, if that’s the only way I could compete, I’d find a new hobby.

  27. Alas my prediction came true. After checking the leagues top winners I find have 1,000,000,000s THATS BILLIONS of coins. Where do they get this money? From oil. Skill should dominate this game. Please level the playing field and limit (fairly) amount of coins to be bought and kept. Winnings are an exception.

    • I agree but I like to stay above 20.000. coins I get scared that my coins will be gone so I keep plenty but I think you should only be able to buy coins after your below 50.000. coins. But I wonder how I can get that many coins an how many games they played to get that many coins.

      • RdnekPrincess, these people are very rich, and can spend thousands of dollars to keep playing high stakes pool games. Think, they could play thousands of games and win only a few, yet get enough xp points from losses to be master or above. Then turn around and buy billions of coins to make up their loss. Skill is out the window.

  28. Okay I have a BIG PROBLEM !! My Account says I have been playing the game for 3 plus days. I have logged out an even reset my password.
    Ok When I try to buy cash an coins it says I am not logged in. SO I do not know what else to do. I have even closed my browser an restarted my computer. SO Please help.

  29. There’s 1 friend I can’t find on 8 ball pool and really want to play against them I can see all of my other friends but 1 I uninstalled the game then downloaded it again and I found my friend but now lost again HELP!!

  30. What happens when we players with less money to spend finally get to the top tiers? We can only afford modest cues with powers. When we EARN our way to the top we will be met with the billionaires and not be able to compete for lack of coins to buy power cues.

    • Honestly, I’ve used most of the cue sticks (save for the really HIGH $$$ ones), and I don’t think it creates any advantage at all other than the extended time. Most of the “Superstars” I’ve played use either the Beginner stick or another standard one. I’ve learned that the Beginner is best for the break (for me anyway), then I usually switch to the Classic for playing. I’m telling you, skill is important, but as the saying goes, “It’s better to be lucky than good.”

  31. When you kiddies skip off to school in the morning be sure your little brothers and sisters do not have access to the game. They are not cute or funny, they are plain annoying.

  32. I don’t understand why players don’t receive credit for games won (in their overall win total) due to their opponent not showing up. Logic behind this?

  33. Dany, you didn’t have to quit before the game was won. I could have missed one of my last two shots (NOT). You just prove my point of no talent million coin buying sore losers.

  34. Is there an advantage when some one leaves the game RIGHT before you drop the 8 ball ? I know of at least 12 games where I was setting up the shot for the 8 ball and the other player quits the game. I know it’s still a loss for me, but does it some how change their stats? Better to quit than to lose ? I get so pissed off at these sorry asses that can’t take a loss. Just wondering if there was an advantage as far as their win/ loss stats to quit rather than to lose.

    • BRC good question. There could be several explanations, but I think the primary one is simple immaturity on the part of the opponent. If you’ll check player’s profiles, the vast majority of them are either early teens or younger, and we all know how impatient they can be. I’ve encountered dozens of “kids” who exit stage left at the first delay in play. It doesn’t change their stats at all. Tip: If you encounter impatient players, then YOU should play even slower. 90% of the time they’ll either leave or get so antsy they literally try to kill the cue ball on their next shot, making it easier for you. Good Luck!

      • They simply do not want to face their loss. Why stay in the game? How many times have you or an opponent muffed the 8 or their last ball before the 8? When I face a better player, I like to play again. Then you can pick up a trick or two.

        • I only challenge when either A- I don’t even get a shot (they’ve run the table), B- they’re unbelievably lucky or C- I feel they genuinely are sincere about getting better and need the experience (this is a rare occurrence). The problem with challenging higher-ranked players is they have nothing to gain from it. I’ve turned down challenges for that reason.

  35. Good points , from both of you. I had not though if that. Again, just last night I was playing what I could tell was a younger player, and he kept dropping the smart ass comments during the game , heh heh, carp like that, and one of his shots he luckily dropped three balls, but sure enough he also knocked the 8 ball around. JUST before the 8 ball went in the pocket, his comment was “sorry can’t play any more”
    I have never left in the middle of a game even if I know I am going to lose. I wish they would detect at least 4 or 5 times the entrance fee from these losers when they quit in the middle of the game.
    But thanks for the posts, I had not thought about that but I bet you both are right.

    • When a player says “Sorry gotta run,” it’s a dead giveaway that they’re probably in middle school. I’ve never understood the reasoning behind this “tactic.” I suppose they actually expect their opponent to just leave! Hey at least you’ve got some interaction going on between your opponent. If you’ve read any of my other posts, you’d know that players ignoring their opponents is a big issue with me.

    • I now have to change my theory of replaying an opponent. Since I I forced to play on a league, after winning a challenge I can not get credit for a win. miniclip will not give credit for a win while playing an opponent again. A big raspberry to the staff. PHHT.

  36. Well I guess the issue of quitting when they know they are going to lose is at all levels. I did some just yesterday I have never done before.
    I had the brake, and when I shot, I actually nailed 6 stripped balls on the brake with no solid balls dropped. I thought right then the other player would quit when that happened , but the played the whole game. My last ball was pinned behind one of the solid balls, so it took me a total of three shots to win the game. He continued with that game, but on the next game right before I dropped the 8 ball the same ol shicrap, ” sorry, can’t play right now”
    Wish I could brake like that every time. Never done it before, but hope it happens again.

    • Six on one shot? Wow, the best I’ve done is five. Unfortunately, the fifth was the 8-ball so I lost. Recently, I won a tournament in an unusual manner: 1st game, I broke, didn’t pot anything, the opponent shot and potted the 8-ball. I win. 2nd game, the opponent broke, sank a ball, took their next shot and potted the 8-ball. I win. 3rd game, my opponent was a real jerk, had like a 75% winning pct, was at 120-something level and was ranked as an “Emperor.” They were breaking, and as is my cutom, I said “Good luck.” Well they came back with crap like “You’re going down, Is that your real level?, In your face, mwahahahaha, etc. So, they broke, potted 3 balls on the break, kept going, sinking every shot they took, all the while talking trash. All they had to do to win was sink the 8-ball. They lined it up, said “This is how it’s done!” and proceeded to pot the 8-ball, closely followed by the cue ball in the same pocket. Sadly, they left before I could comment ;-( So, in three games, I took a total of one shot and won all three.

  37. Why do we have to “wait” for the other player to respond so often
    When it’s my shot, the tine clock starts right away, but when it’s the other players shot, or after I drop a ball, we have to wait for the other player to respond before we can continue even if it’s my shot. So many time ( more than I can count”the other player will not respond when it’s their shot, and Inhave to wait. Plus their time clock has run down and they still make a shot LONG after the clock has run down. Why is the time clock so one sided. Total B. S. Love the game, but so tired of the one sided clocks, players that ” quit” rather than lose. I know there has to be some thing the moderators of the game can do to correct these issues. Please make the game a level playing field for every one playing the game.

  38. Wondering…… are all newborns in Brazil, Indonesia and the Phillipines given Miniclip 8-Ball accounts with their birth certificates?

  39. Any one understand how the percentage works, or should I say supposed to work?
    I won 6 games in a row, and my win percentage did not change at all.
    Only one of the opponents quit the game before I dropped the 8 ball, but still my win percentage should have changed even with 5 games won.
    The more I play the game, the more issues I see in playing the game .

    • I’ve never encountered that. I’m assuming these were either one-on-one games or tournaments? I do know that challenge games don’t count towards overall winning percentages. I don’t understand why players aren’t credited with wins in cases of their opponent not showing up. This happens with me frequently.

  40. I thought the leagues were designed to “even the playing field”. I am a 47 and just had to play a 75 and 69 respectively. I have purchased a lot of coins to ensure a long playing life. This should not be a consideration unless there are plans to be unfair in competition. Please kindly explain. Well at least I got the underdog award.

  41. I need comment on below scenario:
    A and B are playing 8 ball pool and A belongs to solid and B belongs to stripe. A pot 1 solid and 1 stripe in one shot.
    Is it foul or A will just lose his chance and B should play or A will continue to play?


  42. okay so I have been playing on my current Miniclip account for months on 8ball pool with 9cues, 200,000 chips and 300cash and I don’t want to lose it… but I don’t have a profile picture and I would like one, so the only way to get one is to login to Facebook, but when I login to Facebook I lose all my chips, cues and cash… I was just wondering if someone can make a way/ setting to change your profile “picture” on 8ball pool, there is no reason why we shouldn’t be able to… this is just a suggestion. I’m sure or hope I’m not the only one. 🙂 Thankyou!

  43. I finished an all in game and won but I was waiting on opponents response for 20 minutes and after that it said my internet connection dropped and gave me my stake back even though the connection was fine

  44. just played a game of 100k winnings, player performed break, potted the 8 ball first then a strip ball. game reset with 8 ball back on pool table and player was able to continue making another shot to determine if he was strips or solid. read the game rules and it says if you pot the 8 ball before your balls are potted you lose the game, in real life if you pot the ball on break you lose. so now im out 50k chips. also seems like i was playing against a BOT. WHY????????

  45. Sometimes when I break, and make a ball, the table will reset as if I made nothing and it is my opponents turn. What’s with that?

  46. the new version 3.4.0 is not good. we cant play more then 100k challenge with friends. due to this update thousand of people stop playing this game. even myself and my hundred of friends stop playing this game and find some other games like this.
    so it request to miniclip to update soon and make new version in which we can challenge upto 10m with our friends. thnaks

  47. Hey miniclip. How about letting players sell chips to others? You take a % as obviously you are a commercial org, but wouldn’t this make an epic improvement to the game?!

  48. i played 8 ball pool online and the connection died or summit with the person i was playin and i won by default but the game still deducted 10000 chips even thow i had one .. how do i get them bk as that not fair

  49. Hey I have a problem … I have 2 legendary cues that have all 4 peices but won’t go to my owner cues and let mw use them….

  50. I tried out the Archery King game and it won’t give me the Cue for it. I would like it very much if this issue could be resolved sooner rather than later.

  51. I have also downloaded the archery king game and haven’t received the cue for it i love to play both games but I would like to have the cue like advertised. Can you fix this issue

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