Let’s Play Beast Quest!

Odds are you’ve seen or heard us talking about Beast Quest recently: we think it’s fantastic and we won’t shut up until everyone else knows!

So to prove to you why you should be playing Beast Quest, we are pleased to reveal our first ever Miniclip Let’s Play! Join our intrepid hero Sam as he plays the opening quests of the second world – the sunny sands and blue skies that Sepron the Sea Serpent calls home! In this video you’ll see:

  • Perilous fights with scary piranha pirates!
  • Hidden chests, treasure-filled crabs and maps in bottles!
  • Exploration of a huge, open world!
  • And perhaps even an appearance from Sepron himself…

Beast Quest is coming very soon to mobile and tablet devices, with two worlds available at launch and more to follow in the weeks after. Keep an eye on the Miniclip blog, Facebook and Twitter channels to stay up to date!

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  1. How do you fish in the sepron world? I’ve tried so many times and only gotten it to work once and I don’t know what I did that time

    • FISHING: First, you have to sink the hook at just the right time. Then, just like combat, you have the left and right buttons. You use those to keep the lure in the green.

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