Exclusive Beast Quest interview!

Want to know more about Beast Quest? We’ve got the answers to your questions right here!

Beast Quest is our new RPG for mobile and tablets, based on an incredibly popular series of children’s books. It’s coming very soon, so to get you all up to speed, we sat down the people behind the books to get some information straight from the source!


MC: For those who are unfamiliar with the series, what is Beast Quest?

BQ: Beast Quest is a hugely popular best selling series of books. Packed full of magic and peril, they follow the adventures of a boy called Tom, who discovers that his kingdom is secretly guarded by magical Beasts – but now, an evil wizard has used dark magic to turn them into creatures of destruction. The king’s bravest knight has already failed in his attempt to set the Beasts free, but Tom has no hesitation in volunteering to undertake the Quest. Along the way, he encounters a brave girl in the forest, Elenna, and together the two loyal friends journey across the kingdom, releasing Good Beasts from the wizard’s clutches, and conquering Evil Beasts before they can destroy Avantia.

The series has been thrilling readers since its launch in 2007 – selling over 14 million copies to date!

MC: What makes Beast Quest a good fit for a videogame?

BQ: Because the books’ narrative structure is reminiscent of a videogame’s – in each adventure, Tom and Elenna have a Quest, and must collect a variety of weapons or tools to enable them to battle and defeat a terrifying Beast. Once victorious, they are often gifted with magical artefacts or talismans, which level up their powers for future Quests!


MC: Will the game appeal only to existing fans, or will newcomers be able to enjoy it?

BQ: The Beast Quest videogame will appeal equally to newcomers as well as long-time readers. Fans will recognise the characters and the Beasts, and get to see fully animated versions of locations they know from the books, while newcomers will enjoy the exhilarating action. The game has also weaved in some awesome new elements – like the terrifying Ice Marauders, who will be making their first book appearance later this year – so there are surprises for fans, too!

MC: Will the game encourage young fans to begin reading the books?

BQ: Anyone whose imagination is captured by the game will certainly love continuing their Quest with the book series!


MC: Of all the many Beasts, which is the strongest, or most fearsome?

BQ: With over one hundred Beasts in the series, that’s an almost impossible question!

It might be Mortaxe the Skeleton Warrior, the huge, hulking armoured skeleton Beast wielding a deadly scythe, who has the power to summon the Good Beasts to his Arena, cursing them to engage in combat. It’s like a Beast Battle Royale!

Or it might be Blaze the Ice Dragon, who breathes ice instead of fire!

Or it might be Koba, Ghoul of the Shadows – a shape-shifting djinn, who stands at the end of The Warrior’s Road, the Ultimate Challenge for any adventurer who wants to be Master of the Beasts!

MC: What’s next for Beast Quest?

BQ: Tom and Elenna’s epic adventures are going to continue, and get even more epic! The sixteenth series of books will see them get reacquainted with old allies, and old foes – as well as meeting a brand new villain, who will test their courage like it has never been tested before!

Huge thanks to the Beast Quest team for taking the time to answer our questions! Beast Quest is coming to mobile devices very soon, so follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest info!