4 Great Things About The New Bike Rivals Update!

A new update for Bike Rivals launched a few weeks ago, and we think it’s the best one yet. Here are four reasons why you should download and play it immediately – if you haven’t already, of course!

Bike Rivals new levels


15 new tracks take Bike Rivals into deeper sci-fi territory than ever, with your biker finding themselves in a green, glowing technological landscape. Is it all random, or is something actually happening behind the scenes? Eagle-eyed Bike Rivals players who have been paying attention to the various stages may have noticed a few clues…

These 15 new tracks were developed for advanced players, so are you good enough to earn three star times on all of them?

Mecha bike


But what good would new tracks be without a sweet new bike to ride on them? Well, happy to oblige – the new Mecha Bike has great stats and can go toe-to-toe (or wheel to wheel?) with any of the best bikes in the game. It also looks awesome, and honestly, isn’t that more important? (Yes.) The Mecha Bike also has one unique feature that comes in handy when you have to deal with the…


Wait, what? Yeah the new levels included these friendly little guys. Drive past a drone and, if it spots you, it will mercilessly hunt you down before self-detonating in your vicinity and blowing you to smouldering smithereens! So cute!

They aren’t so fast that you can’t outrun them, but you better get a move on! Get far enough and they’ll eventually stop following… at least until you drive into the next!

However, there is another way. The new Mecha Bike has a built-in “hacking” feature that means the drones won’t follow you with such ferocity. They’ll still explode if you hit them, but you’ll have more of a chance to get away. Neato!

Bike Rivals multiplayer


The biggest new addition is a total reworking of the multiplayer system. We now have three different tiers that are divided by how much they cost to play. Each of the three tiers has you and your opponent betting an equal number of coins. Whoever wins gets the lot! Bronze tier is for those who just want to race without betting too much, while Gold tier is the place to go if you want to win big! Even after you’ve earned three stars on every track in single player, there is endless fun to be had racing your friends or random opponents around the world in an attempt to be the best of the best.

If you haven’t download the most recent Bike Rivals update yet, what are you waiting for? It’s totally free, just like the main game! So go hit the track and set some record times!

Bike Rivals is free to download on iOS and Android, and you can also play on Miniclip.com