Tips for playing Beast Quest

Beast Quest is here, and we can’t wait for you all to begin your adventures in the world of Avantia! Such a huge game can be daunting when stepping into it for the first time, so we’ve rounded up some of the best tips and advice to help you get started!


Learn how to fight!

Fighting is important in Beast Quest, as you’ll be facing off not only with the huge beasts themselves but various other nasty creatures that want to spoil your day. Attacking is easy enough, just press the button or swipe the screen if you want to swing your sword in a specific direction. Dodging and blocking are a bit tougher – it all comes down to timing.

Press the buttons on either side of the screen to dodge in that direction and avoid enemy attacks. Certain moves will need to be avoided in a specific direction, so bear that in mind! Learning to time your dodges will come in time by studying your foes’ attack patterns. You need to finish your current attack before you can dodge, so just spamming the button will leave you open and unable to get out of the way in time. Learn when to attack, when to stop and when to move!

Your other option is blocking. This is easier, as all you need to do is hold the button to raise your shield and you’ll block any incoming attacks. There are a few downsides to this method, however. Your shield has a limited number of durability points, and each attack it blocks will remove some – the stronger the attack blocked, the more durability you will lose. In addition, some attacks are unblockable, and will go through your shield! These have to be dodged. Blocking is a great technique to fall back on if you are struggling with a foe, but don’t come to rely on it, as you can’t do it indefinitely. If you ever need to repair your shield, you can spend coins to do so in the upgrades menu.

One last tip: you can perform a stronger charge attack by holding down the attack button. Give it a try!


Tap on stuff for gold and health!

You’ll see various small creatures and features around Avantia: rabbit burrows, crabs, mounts of sand, birds nests, and other things. Tapping on these parts of the environment gives you gold coins, often more than one if you keep tapping! It’s not much on its own, but every coin adds up!

You can also tap on things like mushrooms and coconuts to recover HP, handy if you don’t want to go back to camp and heal or use a potion. Which brings us to…

Heal up at camp!

You can rest in your tent at any time to heal up to full health. Facing Nanook on 10hp? We don’t think so!

Use potions in a pinch!

The final way to heal is to use your magic potions. However, potions are expensive and very hard to come by. You can find them in the world, usually in chests, but you need to be lucky. They can also be bought with gems, but again, these are rare. Potions heal you a lot, so make sure you save them for the toughest battles where you really, really need them!


Check out the map!

Tap on the minimap in the top right corner of the screen to expand your map and get a better look.
From here, swipe it around to get a proper idea of the area. Take the time to learn your surroundings!

Build emblems to enhance your abilities!

If you get lucky, you might find a piece of an emblem in a treasure chest. You can also find them in the magic chest by your camp, which costs gems to open. Once you’ve started building an emblem, you can finish it immediately by spending gems, or you can find every piece by defeating enemies and opening chests. Emblems can be a huge help, providing permanent boosts to your character.

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