AdVenture Capitalist in Spaaaaaaaace!

Greetings, AdVenture Capitalists! Have you been spending your days rolling around in piles of money? Have you bought more private jets than you know what to do with? Have you conquered every marketplace and every industry that this planet has to offer? Well then, we’ve got something that might just interest you…

Space - Coming Soon!

Blast off

Know what’s better than being a multi-multi-novemvigintillionaire? How about being one on the Moon? That’s right, it’s time to take your whopping earnings from your Earth businesses and fund your way to space-based success. Get there before some other capitalist beats you to it! There’s only so much moon to go around, after all.

The Moon has some all-new industries for you to invest in and eventually dominate. Start off with the humble Moon Shoes and work your way up to Cheese Mining (the Moon isn’t made of cheese – there’s just a lot of it hidden below the surface, okay?). You’ll need to set up Oxygen Bars and Helium-3 Farms along the way. And don’t forget to build yourself a Giant Laser. Everyone needs a Giant Laser to point at other planets / capitalists. Remember folks, nothing says capitalism like having a Giant Laser and pointing it at someone you don’t like.

Space travel isn’t exactly cheap though (haven’t you heard?), so if you’re still selling your first few lemons on Earth then you have a little way to go before you’ll be able to afford to build yourself a Mission Control. Once you’ve earned a Decillion dollars, you’ll unlock your own space division.

AdVenture Capitalist... on the moon

What else is new?

There’s also a ton of new things that money can’t buy, like a whole horde of new achievements. Okay, so money can buy them, that’s actually how you unlock them. But still! Achievements, mmm. There are also, of course, a bunch of new Upgrades and Managers to help you keep things ticking over on the Moon if you’re away.

What else? We’ve got a handy new button to highlight when you can afford your next Unlock, so you can spend less time looking at menus and more time making lots and lots of money. Oh, and we’ve also got a new “MAX” multiplier for those who want to invest in a hurry: you can now choose to buy 1x, 10x, 100x or MAX – which is the maximum amount that you can afford at that point. It’s all in the interests of making capitalism that little bit easier.

AdVenture Capitalist Managers

Shut up and take my money, and use it to make me more money

Patience, Capitalists! This super-sweet update to AdVenture Capitalist is coming real soon to Keep an eye on our blog, on our Facebook page, our Twitter feed, and of course on the Miniclip website to find out when you can start your journey to the Moon. In the meantime – get back to your business empire and start raking in the dollars!


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  1. Hi there i have tried the space part of the game over at you have to earn a load of money in the game as normal then the mission control button comes up at the bottom and you can play the space part there is 2 planets earth and one other that i have not unlocked yet

    i hope when the game gets updated on miniclip its a award game there could be a nice amount of award with the 2 planets

    • ok guys I put real money into the original game, and it hasn’t been up for almost 2 months. please return my money if you are not going to let me play it.

  2. How come AdVenture Capitalist is no longer on your site?

    it seems to be available elsewhere, but I lose all my progress if I start elsewhere…

    When will it be up again?

  3. I mean, to do this you could leave the original up, copy it and close the copy for maintenance, do the update on the copy, close the original and open the updated copy

  4. If you can do that. I don’t know what control you guys have, but if you can post a game and take down a game, this should work

    • Yep we do, there’s a comment above 🙂 The AdVenture Capitalist developers are still working hard on the fix for this, hopefully it’ll be back very soon.

  5. AdVenture Capitalist is back on and you can resume your progress! Note that this is an interim build of the game while we wait for a fully-fixed version from the developer. It is completely playable but you may have difficulty trying to access the moon. In order to get to the moon, you need to click the part of the screen shown here:


    • Glad Adventure Capitalist is back up, but the game isn’t showing any text on my screen. Just a handful of letters in the background running vertically that look like BUY. It did that on occasion before the game disappeared for a few weeks, but always came back with a page refresh. Not the case this time. Wish it was working. Such a fun game.

  6. GUys i got a question , i need to play this game on Steam but how can i export my`s Adventure capitalist`s save file in to my steam version fof the game .Please help . thank you

    • Great game. Really addicting for how simple it is. I love the new space update, but I have a problem with the moon crashing my game. It works great for a while, but once I’ve passed a certain point of around 1,000 angel investors when I start making trillions on the moon the game crashes with an error message that says “The content was stopped because a fatal content error has been detected.”

      I can refresh the page and the regular page (Earth side) will start playing again, but as soon as I try to go back to the moon the game crashes again. I can delete my browser history and cookies and get the game to start over from my last export code but after a while the same thing happens with the moon. Is there any way to fix this?

  7. I have noticed that other sites(e.g. Kongregate) have the same game with more opportunities for upgrades and unlocks at higher levels of game play. Are you going to upgrade the game on your site so that these options are also available here?

  8. I’ve got 20 Mega Bucks and I read online that I can use those to get Mega Tickets. I can’t find the Mega Buck to Mega Ticket exchange. Please help!

  9. Is Mars playable yet? I’ve almost completed Earth and Mars is still locked!
    Is this a bug or has it not been updated yet?

  10. I cant seem to get to mars on this game…. is it possible to upgrade it? Also, it constantly fails to load, like 3 times out of 4, saying there is a buggy script…. ???? Can anyone help?

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