AdVenture Capitalist in Spaaaaaaaace!

Greetings, AdVenture Capitalists! Have you been spending your days rolling around in piles of money? Have you bought more private jets than you know what to do with? Have you conquered every marketplace and every industry that this planet has to offer? Well then, we’ve got something that might just interest you…

Space - Coming Soon!

Blast off

Know what’s better than being a multi-multi-novemvigintillionaire? How about being one on the Moon? That’s right, it’s time to take your whopping earnings from your Earth businesses and fund your way to space-based success. Get there before some other capitalist beats you to it! There’s only so much moon to go around, after all.

The Moon has some all-new industries for you to invest in and eventually dominate. Start off with the humble Moon Shoes and work your way up to Cheese Mining (the Moon isn’t made of cheese – there’s just a lot of it hidden below the surface, okay?). You’ll need to set up Oxygen Bars and Helium-3 Farms along the way. And don’t forget to build yourself a Giant Laser. Everyone needs a Giant Laser to point at other planets / capitalists. Remember folks, nothing says capitalism like having a Giant Laser and pointing it at someone you don’t like.

Space travel isn’t exactly cheap though (haven’t you heard?), so if you’re still selling your first few lemons on Earth then you have a little way to go before you’ll be able to afford to build yourself a Mission Control. Once you’ve earned a Decillion dollars, you’ll unlock your own space division.

AdVenture Capitalist... on the moon

What else is new?

There’s also a ton of new things that money can’t buy, like a whole horde of new achievements. Okay, so money can buy them, that’s actually how you unlock them. But still! Achievements, mmm. There are also, of course, a bunch of new Upgrades and Managers to help you keep things ticking over on the Moon if you’re away.

What else? We’ve got a handy new button to highlight when you can afford your next Unlock, so you can spend less time looking at menus and more time making lots and lots of money. Oh, and we’ve also got a new “MAX” multiplier for those who want to invest in a hurry: you can now choose to buy 1x, 10x, 100x or MAX – which is the maximum amount that you can afford at that point. It’s all in the interests of making capitalism that little bit easier.

AdVenture Capitalist Managers

Shut up and take my money, and use it to make me more money

Patience, Capitalists! This super-sweet update to AdVenture Capitalist is coming real soon to Keep an eye on our blog, on our Facebook page, our Twitter feed, and of course on the Miniclip website to find out when you can start your journey to the Moon. In the meantime – get back to your business empire and start raking in the dollars!